6 Elements for an Outdoor Kitchen That Makes Entertaining a Breeze

Imagine being able to prepare all your culinary creations outdoors without ever having to step inside for something you may have forgotten. Does this sound too good to be true? Believe it – you can make it happen with the installation of an outdoor kitchen!

More and more homeowners are opting to add outdoor kitchens to their backyards for the many benefits they offer. They are an ideal way to transform your home into a relaxing and entertaining space, giving you the opportunity to provide an outdoor dining experience usually only found in upscale eateries.

An outdoor kitchen can also give your house a boost in square footage without having to go through costly construction or a lengthy renovation process. This is a great advantage in the current real estate market. In order to achieve the perfect outdoor entertaining area, here are six must-haves to add to your outdoor kitchen shopping list.

Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Packages

For an outdoor kitchen to be completely useful, it must be supplied with all the necessary cooking tools and accessories needed to cook the meals you plan to make for your family and friends. Constructed with materials that can endure the weather and can easily be cleaned, outdoor barbeque kitchens can be equipped with the same kitchen components you would find in an indoor kitchen, such as a sink, refrigerator, hot and cold faucet, etc.

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You’ll find a variety of BBQ kitchens for sale on the market, but you shouldn’t set up for the most affordable one. A low-cost outdoor kitchen package is often made with materials of inferior quality, meaning they won’t last very long and may corrode or rust easily. Additionally, these outdoor barbeque kitchen sets are often paired with short and limited warranties. Not only that, but they lack features and have unreliable heat distribution, resulting in a sub-par grilling experience.

With a bit of research, you should be able to find BBQ kitchens for sale that are of great quality. This kind of BBQ kitchen is usually obtainable in specialised appliance shops or through reliable internet vendors. Generally, you can collaborate with a specialist to decide on the best option for your necessities. What’s considered a high-quality BBQ kitchen package is one that features full commercial-grade 304 stainless steel construction appliances and cooking grates, as this material is designed to endure outside conditions.

High-end built-in BBQ grill kitchen packages often come with a lifetime warranty, showing that they are made with quality and durability in mind. This is especially essential when constructing a grill as part of an outdoor kitchen, as replacing it with other appliances would be inconvenient should something go wrong. Premium grills usually have lots of accessories and features that give you more options and more reliable results. Consistency is essential in a good barbecue grill.

Pizza Oven

Outdoor kitchens don’t have to be solely focused on grilling steaks. From a homemade pepperoni pizza for the kids to a handcrafted margarita pizza and a bottle of red wine for your adult guests, there’s something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. Additionally, an oven can be used to make tasty fire-baked casseroles and desserts.

Ice Maker

An ice maker is an indispensable part of any outdoor kitchen. It is especially valuable if you often host gatherings, as it eliminates the need to go to the store for bags of ice or continuously fill a bucket from the freezer inside. If you are in the process of designing your outdoor kitchen, you can incorporate an under-counter ice maker to save counter space. Alternatively, if you are looking to upgrade an existing setup, you can buy a freestanding, portable, or countertop unit, which is more space-consuming but will make outdoor entertaining much simpler.

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Outdoor Furniture

Having an outdoor kitchen is great, but it won’t be complete without a place for your guests to eat. You could set up a separate seating area close to the kitchen so the guests can still be close to the grill and the cook can remain part of the festivities. This way, you can provide an outdoor dining experience that is similar to an indoor one.

You should also consider how to ensure your guests are comfortable while eating. Perhaps this could mean purchasing small heaters or a fire pit if the temperature drops after dark. Additionally, you may want to install a roof to shield from the weather and safeguard any outdoor furniture or equipment.

Task Lighting

You probably already have ambient lighting installed in your outdoor living area to provide a pleasant atmosphere in your backyard. Still, you’ll need to add task lighting to ensure your safety while you are prepping food, cooking, and making drinks. Task lighting will provide directed, focused light in the areas you need it the most, without detracting from the overall lighting setup of your outdoor living space.

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In order to prevent bad weather from ruining your cooking and entertainment, you should consider investing in a rooftop or pergola. This keeps both your guests and your investment safe from any potential harm from the elements.