Embrace Darkness With Rechargeable Headlamps

The days of lugging extra batteries whenever you decide to go climbing, jogging, camping, cycling or doing similar activities in the dark, are long gone and so over. When you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but darkness, you will need as much as light as possible and you’ll want to be able to freely move your body. So instead of carrying a torch, you can do it the smarter way and get yourself a headlamp.Rechargeable Headlamps

Today, headlamps that can be recharged via USB are probably the best sort of evolution in the battery industry. If things go wrong when you’re out there in the dark far away from home, you’ll want to have a headlamp with a long-lasting battery that you will be confident it will serve its purpose. I believe it’s worth buying one that will make a difference under conditions that are less than ideal and will serve you good in case things go south. The ideal choice? Rechargeable headlamps. Here’s why.

Save Money

It is no lie that the price tag of rechargeable headlamps is higher than the one of their alkaline-only-powered counterpart, however, they are a smart investment that will definitely pay off in the long run. Rechargeable Li-ion packs will be good for about a couple of hundred of cycles, which means you won’t have to constantly spend money on disposable batteries.

Save Space and Weigh Less

Even if you take a few alkaline batteries with you on your journey as an alternative, rechargeable batteries will spare you the weight of carrying a pack of AAAs. Moreover, they will not spill out of their package into your backpack. Although you may think that carrying a portable USB power bank with you can be just as bulky as carrying a supply of disposable batteries, the thing is, a charger is much simpler to store and keep organized in a backpack than a handful of batteries.


If your headlamp is powered by AAAs only, you’ll be in trouble if you run out of batteries. Rechargeable batteries can also run out of juice, however, most rechargeable headlamps can be also powered by alkaline batteries as an alternative. But even if everything is alright and nothing goes wrong with your headlamp, it is always a good idea to be have various charging options because sometimes you don’t know what sources you will have when out there.

Confidence in Battery Life

Once you head on your journey, thinking whether your batteries will last you the entire trip can be quite unnerving. Many people replace their batteries that are probably still half-full just to be certain, which is so inefficient. With rechargeable headlamps you won’t ever have this kind of a problem.