Emotron Vfx: Get the Most Out of Your Applications

When it comes to variable speed drives only one name should come to mind – Emotron. Emotron has over 35 years experience in the business and there is no need to wonder why they have stuck around. They are known for their quality products and innovative design, creating only the best of the best. Not only are their products known for their quality, but also for their reliability and availability all over the world. You can find Emotron used all over the globe and they are available in more than 35 countries. So many people in so many different industries rely on their products every single day. One of the products that Emotron produce is variable speed drives that are used in various industries. Today we will go into detail about the Emotron FDU 2.0 and the Emotron VFX 2.0 so you can gain a better understanding of this technology.

Emotron Vfx

  • The Emotron VFX 2.0 is the first variable speed drive by Emotron that we will go over. It is a great piece of technology that allows you to get the most out of any application be it with the use of mixers, mills, crushers or even cranes. This technology allows you to gain full control of every process which will benefit you in many ways. Some of these benefits may include protection against damage, prevention against downtime, cost efficiency, an easier to use operation as well as more reliability. The Emotion VFX 2.0 gives you a combination of control over the torque, speed, and the vector brakes, which means it is ideal for those DC motor drives and those expensive servo systems. Not only it is all packed in a compact enclosure, it can also be easily installed close to whichever application you need it for. This is an ideal product for dynamic applications as it gives you everything you want when it comes to torque control, speed control, and efficient vector breaking.
  • Next on the list of variable speed drives that we will cover is the Emotron FDU 2.0. This speed drive is reliable, user friendly and very cost efficient which is something everyone likes. It has been designed so you can use it with a variety of applications including pumps, blowers, fans, and compressors. It gives you fill control of the flow and pressure of the application which means you can optimize its operation, meaning you don’t run the risk of downtime and you don’t waste as much energy. This technology also protects any equipment you may have from damage. It is also in a compact enclosure and it is also very easy to use and install near any application you may want to use it on. While it does do a whole range of things, it is ideal for fans and pumps as well as for reducing costs on maintenance and energy. If you are a business owner or someone who works with variable speed drives, then you should definitely consider using this great range from Emotron.