Essential Grooming Supplies for Your Pet Grooming Salon

Opening a new business can be very exciting, especially if you’ve dreamed about it for a long time. You’ll get to play with direct mail marketing, come up with interesting business name ideas, and make many new contacts that’ll make the opening much easier. If your dream is to open a pet grooming salon, you’re lucky.

It’s one of the best and most wanted professions on the market right now. People and their pets are always in need of your services. But this is not something you can do at home. You need a proper place, and more importantly the right tools and accessories to make it work.


cordless clippers for dog grooming

The type of dog hair clippers you choose will depend on a few things. You need to know how often you will use them, what type of fur you’ll be cutting, and how will you use them. You can choose between the very practical cordless clipper or the plug-in type. Because you’ll be handling all types of dogs with different furs, you should get a few different models.

When you’re dealing with short and thin coats, electric motor clippers are the best. They’re low maintenance, budget-friendly and will handle this fur perfectly. If you’re working on a medium coat, it’ll require more grooming. The pivot motor clippers are the right choice. You’ll need more power to get through the coat, and these clippers provide it.

But if you’re working with long, curly, and thick coats, you’ll need rotary motor clippers. They have the ability to cut through thick fur without leaving untrimmed parts. There are several types of blades you can use. They range in levels from 0 to 5 with the higher the number, the more hair it removes, just like regular human clippers. If the dog needs a slight trim, you’ll use 0-2, and if more fur needs to go, you’ll use levels 3-5.

Another thing that’s important about clippers, no matter whether you choose cordless clipper or a corded one, is their ergonomics. Sometimes the grooming can last more than expected if the dog is moving a lot or refuses to stand up. That’s why it’s important to have clippers that lay comfortably in your hand and aren’t heavy. Choose clippers that don’t make a lot of noise. A lot of dogs are intimidated by it and will get scared.

To make sure you have a clean and equal cut, you should also get snap-on guide combs. They come in different sizes. If you get a 2cm comb, you’ll get a 2cm cut, which is pretty simple. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you should use oil to clean them after every use. They’ll be clean and hygienic for your next client. Plus, with regular maintenance, they’ll last longer.

Brushes and Combs

brushes and combs for dogs

Brushes are an important part of the grooming process. Brushing the dogs the right way can be very beneficial for them. It’ll remove tangles and mats, keep the coat beautiful and shiny, and massage their skin so the natural oils get activated. Different dogs require different brushes, so you’ll have to have several of them.

Slicker Brushes

They have short, thin wires that are closely spaced apart on a flat surface. They are used to get rid of mats on dogs with medium-to-long or curly hair. Slicker brushes come in a wide range of styles, but to make brushing the dog easier, pick one that is the right size and has a flexible handle. These brushes work on Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards and Yorkshire Terriers.


Rakes are made to get beneath a dog’s thick coat and remove dead undercoats and tangles that are close to the dog’s skin. They either have 1 or 2 rows of pins tightly spaced to each other and are similar to a razor-shape. You should use them on dogs with thick hair such as Malamutes, Chow Chows and German Shepherds because they often have dead undercoats.

Bristle Brushes

If you get a dog breed that has short and smooth fur that sheds a lot, you should use a bristle brush. They have tightly packed clusters that will remove excess hair and exfoliate the skin. Some of the dog breeds that this type of brush works on are Jack Russel Terriers, Pugs, Boston Terriers and Italian Greyhounds.

Pin Brushes

These brushes are very popular and are usually oval-shaped. They have flexible wires that often make them unsuitable for many dog breeds. They’re good as a finishing touch after brushing with another brush to collect the loose hair and give it a nice glow.

Nail Clippers

nail clippers for dogs
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When choosing nail clippers, it’s important to think about the ergonomics, because just like with cordless hair clippers they need to fit comfortably in your hand. More so remembering clipping a dog’s nails requires precision. You’ll get different-sized pets, so having different-sized nail clippers is a must. Also, not all of them have nails of the same thickness and that can make a huge difference.

They need to be sharp as well. They should go through the nail in one cut. Otherwise, the nail can split and leave a sharp or rough edge. This can cause problems later when the dog scratches itself. If you’re not very experienced, it’s good to buy a nail clipper with a safety guard. This won’t let you cut more of the nail than you need to.

Bathing Station

The bathing station is essentially a big tub where the pet gets a bath. It’s often made of stainless steel, plastic, or fibreglass plastic. But the highest-quality ones are the stainless-steel tubs. They’re long-lasting, however, keep in mind this comes with a higher price tag.

It’s important to have a tub in the right size to fit every dog breed you’ll get. Grooming salons often buy big tubs so they can bathe more than one dog at the same time. Some dogs don’t stand still when given a bath, so they have to have a lot of moving space.

Otherwise, they may get scared and hurt themselves while trying to escape the water. Besides material, the size is the main thing you need to get right. The accessories such as shampoo holders, toys and the faucet type depend on your personal preferences.

Grooming Tables

There are three main types of grooming tables. The electric type is the sturdier and most reliable one. It’s on the expensive side but it’s sure worth the investment. It often has a removable top which is easier to clean. You can lower the table down and allow the pet to climb up by itself. Plus, it’s almost noiseless when you move it up and down.

Next are the hydraulic tables. The pump that they have allows you to regulate the table’s height with ease even if the pet is on top of it. It can adjust anywhere between 70-90cm. This table offers a lot of comfort for the pet and, as a groomer, you can easily move around with your cordless clippers and do the job. And finally, collapsible tables. These are great if you travel a lot and do home visits. But keep in mind that they’re not as sturdy as the other two, so you can’t use them with heavy breeds.