Essential Pieces of Equipment for Opening a Bakery

Running a successful bakery business takes more than a passion and skills for creating baked goods. Besides stocking yourself with quality ingredients which are crucial for creating this heavenly-smelling baked goods, having the right type of equipment is paramount.

bakery equipment

When it comes to choosing bakery equipment Australia stores can provide you with a range of tools and machinery required for this purpose. Finding the right type of bakery equipment Australia bakers and pastry chefs claim to be one of the crucial factors and the first step to creating heavenly soft and melt-in-your-mouth baked goods.


A list like this cannot start without mentioning this appliance. Even heating, optional convection and self-cleaning are some of the most important features you need to look for. When it comes to the commercial type of ovens, there are many of them available on the market and each type is suitable for particular baking needs. For example, while steam and deck ovens are a great option for a bigger bakery, smaller bakeries or cafes would benefit a lot from a convection type of oven.


Mixers are another essential type of bakery equipment. In fact, they are the foundation of this business, so investing in quality ones is crucial. Keep in mind that different types of dough and batter have different consistency, which means that not every mixer is right for the job. For example, a pizza dough mixer has a different power range than a mixer designed for whipping eggs. In that sense, size, power and mixer speed are the main features to consider in accordance with your needs.

Dough Scraper

Dough scrapers are the most commonly used type of kitchen tool among bakery and pastry chefs. This small but mighty tool can help one literally with everything in the kitchen, from cleaning up the deck space (from flour or some ingredients) to dividing and cutting dough.


A variety of pans are needed for a bakery business, so having as many as possible would be ideal. Bread pans, cookie pans and sheet pan racks are essential, the key is to choose the right size to match your capacity needs.


A bakery store cannot be complete without a refrigerator. Milk, eggs and the many types of creams should be stored at the right temperature, which is why you need to invest in one.

Display Case

Product visibility is key to having a successful bakery business. Their purpose is to show your baked goods in the best possible light, allowing you to arrange them the way you want. They are designed to attract the eyes of customers, which is why almost all of them have installed lights on the inside of the display in order to highlight the goods and make them more eye-catching.