Everything a Beginner Needs to Know About Angle Grinders and Flap Disks

An angle grinder is one of the most commonly used handheld power tools in both domestic and industrial settings. They come in many different sizes, with different power sources and outputs, and can be used for a variety of jobs even by those that aren’t exactly skilled workers. All you really need to properly use an angle grinder is some protection for your eyes, ears and hands, and the right grinding wheel.


The versatility of the flap grinding wheels allows them to be used for a variety of different tasks such as finishing, stock removal, and of course, grinding. They are made from multiple overlapping pieces of abrasives and are considered superior to regular grinding wheels if your intention is to produce a better finish. The flap grinding wheels also have the advantage when it comes to the ease of use, not to mention that they are also lightweight, easy to manoeuvrer and produce less noise and lower vibrations. However, the flap grinding wheels’ biggest benefit is their ability to still be useful even after some erosion, while in contrast, regular grinding wheels are rendered useless because of it.

There are many different types of flap discs and they are all very well suited for certain tasks, but not very useful for others, which means you will need to determine what exactly your project is and what you need the flap disc for upfront. For example, the conically shaped flap discs are a good choice for edge-working, as well as on contoured applications as they are the best if you want to remove a lot of or a certain material in a short amount of time. On the other hand, the flat flap discs, while not as good with rapid stock removal as the conical, are much better suited for producing superior finishes and for use on flat surfaces.

You will also need to pay attention to the material the flap disks are made of. Plastic is a very popular material and it’s easy to see why, as it’s cost effective and a good choice for blending or if you are doing some finishing. Another good choice is fiberglass, mostly because it is lightweight, surprisingly durable and absorbs vibrations very well, however, keep in mind that this particular backing plate gets consumed during use. And finally, there is the classic choice of a metal backing, which is without a doubt the safest out of the bunch and is the ideal choice when more strength is needed.