Everything on Choosing the Right Vanity Sink Unit

There are so many things to consider when you want to update or renovate your bathroom. One of the main problems people face seems to be choosing the right vanity sink unit. To make it easier for you, we will go over all the different aspects there are to choosing the most suitable unit. Some of these aspects include the material it is made from, how the sink is mounted, the sink and faucets, measurements, and things to know about the installation. So if you want to know how to choose the perfect vanity sink for you, keep reading.

Vanity sink units come in all sorts of materials ranging from ceramic to stone. A ceramic vanity sink is probably the most common and most practical choice, it is easy to clean and it looks great in nearly every bathroom setting. Natural stone is also quite durable and can look really elegant. Just like ceramic, it can also be quite resistant to scratches and stains. Tile is another popular choice but the grout and lines will need regular cleaning to remain the same colour; this can become somewhat of a chore. You can also find some unique choices like metal or wood that can look great but will need extra care.

Vanity Sink

Mountings are the next thing you should be looking at and they can be broken down into four different types. The first type would be known as countertop and it is no doubt the most common choice. You can tell that it is a countertop because it is usually a sink that sits on or in a countertop. The second type is a pedestal and it is a sink that sits on top of a tall, slim base. The third type is known as wall mount and this means they are hanging from the wall from which you can see the pipes below it, you can usually see this in commercial and institutional settings. The fourth and final type are known as a console and it somewhat of a variation of the wall mount sink. It looks like a traditional console table and comes with more counter space and shelving compartments.

The next thing you should remember is the faucet, you need to make sure that you choose a faucet that works well with everything else you chose. Most units come with holes that are made to fit faucets. This usually ranges from one to three holes to hold either a single handle faucet or one that has separate handles for both cold and hot water. You should choose the faucet you want based on how many holes your unit has, there are a large range of styles from you to choose from as well so you are sure to find something you like.

The last thing you should remember to look at is the size and shape of the unit. There is no standard sizing when it comes to vanity sink basins so you should make sure to measure the room or measure the space you want the sink unit to go. You should always do this before choosing and purchasing anything as you might later find it doesn’t look right or doesn’t fit into the space. You should always base your purchase on the style you like and the style that will match the rest of your bathroom. Hopefully, after reading this article choosing the right vanity sink unit will not be as hard or as confusing as it once seemed.