Everything You Need to Know About Diatomaceous Earth: Keep Your Chickens Happy and Healthy

Raising chickens is an easy hobby that offers many benefits. These birds provide you with nutritious eggs and meat, setting you up for a more sustainable living. They’re endearing creatures full of silliness and personality. That said, keeping backyard chickens entails some planning and responsibilities. This includes setting up a suitable chicken coop, providing them with food and water, and taking care of their hygiene.

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When it comes to hygiene, regular coop maintenance isn’t always enough to keep your chicks happy. Sometimes you need an extra helping hand from a reliable chicken accessory. Diatomaceous earth is one such must-have for everyone with a coop and a flock of lovely feathered friends. It lets your hens lead happy, healthy, and pest-free lives. Read on to discover more about this exceptional product.

Diatomaceous Earth: What Is It?

In simple terms, this product is made of processed, finely powdered fossilized algae. Strange as it seems, silica, which constitutes 26% of the weight of the Earth’s crust, is actually present everywhere and is found in fossilized algae, also known as diatoms.

This product provides a wide range of health advantages for poultry, from treating worms to getting rid of mites and lice. The reason for this is because diatoms which are extremely small, sharp, and abrasive particles, shrivel up and kill parasites by drying out the natural oils and fats on their exoskeletons. Even more amazing is the fact that this substance doesn’t harm you, your hens, or anything bigger than a mite.

Are There Different Types of Diatomaceous Earth?

All variations of this product are manufactured from the same basic components or diatoms, but the production procedures might affect how you use the finished product. The ideal choice for your chicks’ health is to buy diatomaceous earth that’s pure and organic. 

This Australian-made product is safe, adaptable, and free of chemicals. The only significant distinction between different species of diatoms, as long as they’re naturally processed, is their level of coarseness. This product is powdered at varying levels for depending on how you plan to use it. For example, a finer grind is ideal for poultry, as it’s easier for them to consume.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Powder Help Your Chickens?

At this point, you’re asking yourself why this product is so popular among so many flock raisers. Well, the advantages are rather obvious and outstanding:

-Eliminate mites and lice: Chicken lovers easily get rid of mites and lice by sprinkling diatomaceous earth inside and outside the coop. As a result, these pests just dry up and shrivel up. Pests and parasites are no match for this powerful product;

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-Remedy against worms: This finely ground product is eggcellent at preventing at treating worms. You just need to mix it up with your chickens’ food. It kills worms and parasites both inside and outside of the chicken’s body. Organic diatomaceous earth food grade is a risk-free way to cure worms;

-Fights bad smells: This powder assists in getting rid of all those strong odours that occasionally accumulate in your coop. If you incorporate it into your cleaning procedures, you will easily eliminate all those familiar and unpleasant odours. Sprinkle some on the cleaning trays, nesting boxes, and bedding.

-Get rid of ants: Apart from keeping all other kinds of pesky pests away from your chickens, diatomaceous earth also helps keep ants out of your garden. If you’re tired of seeing ants crawling all over the coop and inside the feeders – it’s time for you to get your hands on this product!

-Healthy diet supplement: This is a beneficial dietary supplement, as it’s a great source of several crucial nutrients that help improve your chickens’ laying. Depending on the type you choose, most manufacturers suggest a dosage from around 5 to 15% of your hens’ daily diet.

How Do You Use It?

After you buy diatomaceous earth, feel free to spread, spray, and splash it all over your chicken coop. This product is generally safe for anyone as long as you’re not an insect. However, if you have any questions about its safety, I suggest you talk to your doctor. Read about some of its many applications below:

-Add it to the chicken feed: Although this seems counterintuitive, your chicks will love it! It not only helps in the treatment and prevention of parasites, but it’s also a great source of several crucial minerals that will leave your chickens feeling great.

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-Sprinkle it around the coop: By adding diatomaceous earth around your coop, you will keep parasites at bay, as well as eliminate nasty odours. Feel free to rub some along the roosts, put some in the nesting boxes, and even cover the entire coop floor with it!

-Fantastic for dust baths: Dust baths are crucial parts of any chicken’s lifestyle. This is just a natural strategy for them to combat and avoid parasite and insect infestations. Consider spreading the powder where you think they frequently go to take their dust baths.
Lastly, diatomaceous earth is a helpful powder that rarely causes any health problems for humans. Additionally, it won’t harm your hens whether they eat it, roll around in it, or even take a bath in it. Of course, if you think it’s harming your health, please exercise caution and call your doctor right away. Otherwise, feel free to get a bag and start scattering.