Info on Exercising with Dumbbells

Though we’re familiar with the importance of exercise, most of us are reluctant when it comes to making it part of our lifestyles. And, we have the perfect excuses for it: we don’t have time, we don’t have money for gyms, we can’t afford to buy specialised equipment… and the list goes on and on.

If you can’t stand more excuses coming between you and your ideal physique, then fret not, all you have to do is find the right pair of dumbbells for sale, choosing based on the brand, quality materials, preferably odourless rubber compound that’s great for indoor use, as well as the weight, and handy features like contoured knurled grip handles that prevent slipping, and you’re good to go.

Not only are dumbbells for sale cost-efficient, they make for an easy workout too, from the very comfort of your home. There are numerous dumbbells exercises you can try, but it’s important same as with any type of exercise to spend at least some minutes on warming up.

Depending on what you want to work on, whether it’s a specific body part or the whole body, make sure you do the exercises properly to avoid any unwanted strains. If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable not to get too heavy weights, start small, and don’t exaggerate with the sets of reps.


One of the basic exercises that involve work on the shoulders and triceps is working the chest. You can do so by lying down on your back and holding the dumbbells over the chest, and go up and down, lowering and raising the weights, repeating several sets as long as it feels comfortable for start.

Overhead Press

You can work on your shoulders with this one, positioning your feet apart at shoulder width, then bending the knees slightly, placing the dumbbells right above the shoulders then slowly raising them up, and moving them back down.


Don’t think you’re going to get away from squats even with the dumbbells. You can still work on the booty and leg muscles while, so position your feet at hip-distance, grab both dumbbells, and squat.


Not one of the easiest but totally worth it! You have to position your feet hip-width apart, holding the dumbbells in front of the thighs then moving with the arms all the way to the floor (if you can do it, if not for start as low as you can) and back up to the starting position.