Explaining the Three Basic Types of Air Filters and Their Differences

You probably know that in order for your Land Cruiser to operate, it needs to burn fuel through a process known as’ internal combustion’ that happens inside the engine. That process, however, can’t happen without oxygen. That being said, your engine will always look to get in as much air as it possibly can, and vehicles aren’t picky about the type of air they take. Whether it’s polluted, smoggy, dirty or bug-ridden air, your air intake will take it all in, which can result in a damaged engine and a decrease in overall performance.

Toyota Land Cruiser air filter

And this is where your Toyota Land Cruiser air filter comes into play. Your air filter is responsible for filtering out dirt, pollen and bugs to make sure your engine gets clean air to run efficiently. A Toyota Land Cruiser air filter replacement is one of the most sought-after modifications, simply because it’s a really affordable one that can improve performance, mileage and increase engine longevity. There are many different types of air filters available nowadays, and they’re categorised in three main categories.

The first and most basic type of air filters is paper filters. They’re affordable and do a decent job in keeping your engine clean. They’re not reusable and need to be replaced about once every 30.000-50.000km, depending on where you drive your Toyota Land Cruiser. If you often drive through dirt roads or polluted cities, you may need to replace it more frequently than someone who mostly drives around suburbs.

The second type of air filters is non-oiled performance air filters. These cost more than paper filters but they also last longer. These filters are typically washable and all you have to do is clean them once in a while. Non-oiled performance air filters are typically made to fit your specific Toyota Land Cruiser’s model and make. The higher-quality design and the custom fit means these filters can really open up a lot of potential in terms of engine performance.

And the third type of filters is oiled performance filters, which have a coating of oil on their surface. This coating allows them to collect even more debris and dirt, making oiled performance filters the most effective filters out of the three. Just like their non-oiled counterparts, these filters will probably last you the entire lifespan of your Toyota Land Cruiser, and they’ll only need to be washed and re-oiled every once in a while.