Exploring the Different Types of Aromatherapy Diffusers

More and more people are starting to use essential oils for different purposes. We use them in aromatherapy that helps support our wellbeing and health. Manufacturers extract the essence from plants and combine it with a carrier oil. There are no chemical processes involved because, that way, the oils won’t be natural. They’re most commonly used in aromatherapy, inhaled through different methods.

We can apply essential oils directly to the skin or diffuse them.

Types of Oil Diffusers

The most common way of inhaling essential oils is through diffusers. They release the oils into the air we inhale and absorb them into our bodies. If you do a little research, you’ll see all the benefits of using essential oils. They can be a great getaway to a better and more relaxed, stress-free life.

types of essential oil diffusers
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Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are gaining popularity each day as an effective way to add fragrance to our homes. Some people even prefer them over candles because reed diffusers are safer. These diffusers give out a subtle aroma and a warm atmospheric feeling. In a base or a carrier, pour liquid combined with essence and dip the reeds there. The reeds have a lot of channels, and they let the liquid travel along the inside of the reed and then diffuse it into the air. It is truly an easy process that results in a subtle fragrance.

Reed diffusers are also long-lasting. For example, a 250ml diffuser can last up to 12 weeks. They’re alcohol-free and are great for smaller rooms. They don’t require any energy to work, don’t use flames, and don’t leave residue behind, which makes them easy and convenient to use. The best place to position this diffuser is near a good airflow, but not too close, because a strong and constant wind or vent will evaporate the liquid faster. Just remember to put new reeds if you change the scent in the bottle. If not, you can just flip them over, and the scent will keep on flowing.

Pendant Diffusers

Reeds and nebulizers are great for aromatherapy at home. But what about taking aromatherapy on the go? Thanks to premium-quality aromatherapy pendants, you can take your favourite scents anywhere. Diffuser jewellery is not just a fashion trend; it’s a centuries-old practice that helps heal physical and emotional ailments.

girl wearing blue necklace pendant diffuser
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Diffuser pendants are simple to use. Open the pendant, add 1-3 drops of essential oil on the cotton pad inside, and close it. Make sure the essential oil doesn’t touch your clothes. Some oils can last 3-5 days, and some can fade away fast, so refresh them as needed. They can be made out of clays, glass or metals, and the designs are endless.

Aromatherapy pendants replace perfumes, even the ones that are homemade. As we know, perfumes often have chemicals in them to get the desired smell. We spray them directly on our skin, and the body absorbs them. These pendants are a perfect way to avoid chemicals. They can match any personal style and are cost-effective. Candles burn out fast, and we have to spray perfumes a couple of times which can be expensive, but three drops of essential oil can last for days. Other benefits of essential oil aromatherapy pendants are:

  • Improve memory and mental clarity;
  • Lessen muscular pain;
  • Boosts confidence;
  • End headaches;
  • Alleviate allergies and sickness;
  • Improve digestion and sleep;
  • Anti-depression and anti-anxiety.

Nebulizer Diffusers

The nebulizer diffuser is excellent for aromatherapy. It releases the purest form of essential oils among every other diffuser. It works by forcing a high-pressure air stream through small tubes with essential oil in them. This stream of air breaks down the oil into atoms and molecules and spreads it around the room in the form of fine mist. It has a bigger dispersion and doesn’t require water or heat to do its function.

The stream that the nebulizer creates allows to body to quickly absorb and benefit from the oils. That’s why it’s recommended for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions. It allows the oil or medication to stay longer in the lungs and significantly affect the body. The microdroplets remain in the air for a more extended period, thus maximizing the fragrance and therapeutic effect. It is safer to use than candles and burners, with no wax spills no risk of burns or fire hazards. The nebulizer diffuser is excellent for any size room and can be used for multiple scents depending on your mood and need.

Water Diffuser

The water diffuser is probably the most known and most affordable version. It’s very simple to use. It contains a basin that you need to fill with water and oils of your choice. After that, when you turn it on, ultrasonic waves diffuse the water into the air in a wide range. That’s why it is suitable for bigger rooms.

black and white water diffusers
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You can get smaller and bigger versions, but the bigger ones will last longer. Many of them have timers so that you can set them up for 6, 8 or 10 hours. Some of them have the option to work continuously. This is especially good for people who want their water diffuser to work during the night. You don’t have to worry about it running out of water or oil because these diffusers have sensors and automatically turn off the machine when this happens. It’s recommended that you clean it when you change the oil you use.

Electric Heat Diffuser

This diffuser looks like a teacup saucer with a mild indentation in the middle. This indentation is where we put the oil. When plugged in, the device heats the oil and spreads it around in the air. If you buy a bigger deice, you’ll be able to freshen up a bigger room, and vice versa. Once the scent fully evaporates, the device stops working, and you’ll need to fill it up again with oil to continue. This diffuser is one of the easiest to clean. You can do it with a soft cloth, soap, and warm water. Just wipe the basing clean to remove any residue, and that’s all.

In Summary

There are many ways to use essential oils. The benefits for our physical and mental health and wellbeing are many:

  • Mood boost;
  • Improve sleep;
  • Reduce cellulite;
  • Kill bacteria;
  • Reduce anxiety;
  • Relieve headaches;
  • Reduce nausea;
  • Prevents inflammation etc.

But before you buy any model, consider the type of room and its size, how much will you use it, what power source you need and the material it’s made of.