Fashion Talks – How to Choose the Right Akubra Hat for Your Head and Style

You might think that choosing a hat is an easy decision, but have you ever tried choosing an Australian made Akubra hat? Didn’t think so. We talked to the experts on fashion who have been selling this Aussie made icon for the past 26 years and here are some of the things that they advise that you think about before you dive into the huge variety of Akubra hats for sale there are in the online world.


First things first, let’s talk about its features. Akubra hats are made from pure rabbit fur felt and depending on the style of the hat – one piece can be made of anywhere from 10-14 rabbit skins. Fur felt is the strongest natural fabric as its individual fibers are tightly interlocked in order to form a dense and tough matrix, which is exactly what makes Akubra hats so durable.

When considering this hat’s brim, you might be confused whether you should go with a wide or a small one. Well, the four-inch one is a very popular choice among Aussies, especially for the ones that take their head protection very seriously. Plus, that’s a great style accessory that helps you make a statement that you know what you’re doing in terms of fashion. So yes, browse the extensive range of Akubra hats for sale and see what’s more appealing to you – my bet is that you will end up with both styles.

As for the crown, you can go either high or low. If you are concerned about the height of the hat and how it will make you look, stay on the safe side and just go low. But if you really don’t care and you are looking for some cool models – go high. Also, make sure that your hat you want to buy is on the looser side – if it somehow shrinks over time, you can always take the extra padding out.

And last but not least – the most important aspect that determines whether you will absolutely love or hate an Akubra is its style. Each different style has its distinct name and a different look about it. From the Tablelands to the Cattleman, to the traditional Snowy River and the wide-brimmed Riverina. And yes, let’s not forget the Boss with that little bit of extra design. Also, deciding on the right colour has to do with your overall style, the dominating colours in your closet as well as what you usually wear. So make sure to choose a piece that you can wear with most of your daily outfits.