Feet Seek, Bamboo Socks Provide: Please Your Skin, the Environment and Your Eyes

bamboo sports socks2There’s nothing as frustrating and uncomfortable as wet socks when running. Most joggers use woolen or cotton socks, and most of them experience these issue but don’t really care to find a solution. If you’re on of the few who cares and wants to find a solution, I highly suggest you try bamboo made socks. Bamboo socks host a wide array of functional benefits, and are extremely soft and stylish. They’re slowly becoming a new trend among athletes, and for all the right reasons.

Once you give bamboo sports socks a try, it’ll really make you wonder why you haven’t tried them earlier. Moreover, it’ll make you wonder why clothing manufacturers took this long to start using bamboo in sports apparel, especially socks. There are truly too many advantages to wearing bamboo socks, that it might be difficult to discuss them all in a single article. In this article, I’ll talk about the 4 biggest advantages of wearing bamboo sports socks.

They Keep Your Feet Dry

Bamboo fibers are dotted with thousands of small cavities which provide superior ventilation, moisture absorbing qualities and warmth. Socks that are made with these fibers will help keep your feet warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry all year round.

Healthy Properties

Bamboo has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties thanks to a substance they contain, which is called Bamboo Kun. It repels insects and pests, which is one of the reasons why bamboo trees can prosper without the use of pesticides. Consequently, bamboo socks fight off foot odour and germs, and help keep your feet feel and smell fresh. Lastly, the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties help you keep your feet healthy and fend off skin disorders, such as athlete’s foot.

Besides being anti-fungal and antibacterial, they’re non-allergenic. They won’t irritate your skin the way some man-made fabrics do. If you have dermatitis, skin allergies or sensitive skin in general, you’re unlikely to experience any problems when wearing bamboo socks.

bamboo sports socks1

Extremely Soft and Comfortable

Bamboo fabric is softer than most fabrics, and it’s ideal for people that want the decadent comfort of extremely soft socks. Even though they’re extremely soft, bamboo socks are incredibly durable, and won’t turn into holes after a couple of wears. Moreover, these socks are sun resistant and prevent a high percentage of the UV radiation.

Environmentally Friendly

And last but not least, bamboo socks pass all the green tests! Bamboo as a plant is sustainable, soil stabilising, high yielding and doesn’t require much moisture. It can be grown in practically any climate all around the world and it grows very rapidly. It also doesn’t require fertilisers and pesticides to thrive. If you’re an advocate for a greener, safer environment, buying any bamboo-made products is the way to go!