Fitness Tips: All The Information You Need to Buy Heart Rate Monitor

When it comes to getting fit and healthy it takes a lot more than just exercising whenever and however you want. If you are someone who is trying to get fit, it is important that you know that the intensity level of your exercise is taken into account as well. A great tool for keeping track of how intense your workout is is a heart rate monitor. It allows you to keep track of what zone your heart rate is in by measuring your heartbeats per minute. It is the perfect tool to tell you when you need to slow down or speed up depending on what zone you should be in to get the workout you want. If you are someone who wants to buy heart rate monitor but doesn’t know what to look for, keep reading below.


Who exactly should be using a heart rate monitor? Well, joggers and walkers can benefit from using a heart rate monitor by trying to stay in that fat burning zone. Runners can also benefit by keeping track of their peak target zone as well as cyclists by keeping track of their endurance and tempo which will help them improve their performance. Hiker, climbers and skiers can also benefit from a heart rate monitor to condition more effectively. It will also benefit people who are trying to lose weight by helping them keep track of their fat burning zone and how many calories they have burned.

There are two different types of heart rate monitors that you can choose from. Your choice should be based on what is more comfortable and what would work better for your needs. The first model is called a chest strap model and it uses a wireless sensor that is attached to a chest strap. The sensor detects your pulse and sends data to a wristwatch receiver which displays the information. The basic model will time your workout and give you a continuous feed of data that measures your high and low heart rate. You can also buy heart rate monitor that comes with more advanced features. It can be used with a foot pod that is attached to your shoelaces, which measures your distance and speed.

The second model is known as a strapless model and is a sensor built into a wristwatch type of unit. They are a little less accurate than chest strap models but they will do the job just fine. They cannot be paired with other accessories, however they are more comfortable than chest strap heart rate monitors which can maybe feel irritating to some people.

There are also many different features you can find in heart rate monitors and you should know what these features are so you can choose a model that has the features you like. The most standard feature is the target zone feature with basic models starting with three and more advanced models going up to six. Another feature is the sports watch feature which gives you things a basic sportswatch has, like a clock, alarm, timer, and calendar.

You might like to have a heart rate monitor that comes with a stop watch or lap times if you are someone who runs track or runs races. Recovery heart rate mode tracks the time it takes for your heart to return to normal which is a great indicator for your health. Some heart rate monitors can also track how much time you spent in a target zone. A calorie counter may be something you are looking for if you are trying to lose weight. Speed and distance are something else you may need if you are trying to determine your pace.

There are so many options when it comes to heart rate monitors it is good to know what they all are before you choose one. You can easily buy heart rate monitor online where you can browse a huge range of different models and hopefully find the one that is just right for you.