What Makes the FLIR E60 Thermal Imaging Camera a Top Notch Tool

Efficient maintenance and prevention are the two main things thermal imaging cameras are designed to provide. They’re most commonly used in industrial and commercial environments for both environmental and safety purposes. However, they can also be used around the household for keeping electrical appliances in optimum condition. Due to their efficient performance and wide range of uses, thermal cameras have become indispensable tools on many construction sites and other industrial settings. Their design is constantly improving and nowadays there are different types of thermal cameras designed to provide different maintenance and prevention solutions.

FLIR E60 thermal imaging camera

Before we take a look at one of the best thermal imaging cameras on the market, let’s first describe this advanced tool. Don’t let the term camera deceive you because thermal cameras are anything but ordinary cameras. They capture things that aren’t visible to the human eye. All objects emit infrared energy and the hotter the one object is, the more energy it will emit. Well, the naked eye can’t see this IR energy and this is where a thermal or IR camera comes to the scene. It’s basically a tool the detects IR radiation and displays it into a detailed and clear image that tells you just how much energy your appliances or machines emit.

Thermal precision, high resolution and compact design are all features that a top quality IR camera should have and the FLIR E60 offers all these and a lot more. Due to its accurate readings and fast performance, the FLIR E60 thermal imaging camera is considered the best maintenance tool on the market. One of the most important features to look out for when choosing an IR camera is resolution and the FLIR E60 comes with a high resolution of 76,800 pixels (320×240) which delivers clean and detailed images that enable you to keep track of the performance of your machines and quickly detect any problems. Compact and lightweight, the FLIR E60 thermal imaging camera can easily fit in your pocket or tool bag, which means you can easily take it with you on any work assignment.

Furthermore, this camera is very simple to use and it comes with a variety of enhancement features designed to further improve the quality of the images. It has 25 degree lenses which are not as wide as the ones found on other FLIR models and can efficiently make temperature measurements on small areas and objects. The advanced and practical lenses enable you to measure the temperature of smaller surface areas from a safe distance quickly and efficiently. Another great thing about the FLIR E60 is its robust body that has a slightly rubberised finish, which means that it won’t slip easily from your hands. However, even if it does, worry not – it is deigned to survive a 2 meter drop. Durability at its finest!