Float Your Way to Style and Functionality: Info on Choosing the Perfect Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanity

Whether your bathroom fits a family of five or a single person, it sees a lot of usages, with storage space being one of them. Toiletries, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies all mount up to take up valuable storage space before overflowing into ledges, windowsills, and your sink. That makes a vanity unit one of the most crucial fixtures in any bathroom.

It serves as the room’s centre point streamlining your complete bathroom routine into one elegant place. Because there are so many possibilities with various dimensions, picking the right size might be challenging. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore the top reasons to choose a floating vanity unit and give you expert tips on picking the right one for your bathroom. So, let’s dive in and discover the beauty of wall-mounted bathroom vanities!

What Is the Advantage of Wall Hung Vanity?

Wall hung bathroom vanities
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There’s something modern in hanging your bathroom vanity on the wall instead of installing it on the floor like traditional cabinetry. There are several reasons to lift your vanity off the ground. Almost all of them result in wall hung bathroom vanities of quality enhancing your bathroom’s overall design and functionality.

It Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Opting for a wall-hung vanity can make your bathroom look more spacious since it allows the flooring to extend to the wall. Moreover, it creates more usable space for storing items like a wastebasket or a scale. Even a little foot room under the sink can make a significant difference.

It Makes Cleaning Easier

Since there are no corners or awkward nooks to work around with a wall-hung vanity, cleaning becomes much more manageable. That means you can clean the back of the vanity without any hassle.

It’s Perfect for the Organised

If you are organised and love to arrange your bathroom items meticulously, a floating vanity is a perfect option. You can display your storage skills with under-sink open shelving.

It Can Streamline the Sink

Choosing a monochromatic wall-floating vanity combination can streamline the sink and give a modern look to your bathroom. It will also help emphasise other bathroom elements, such as a freestanding tub or a scenic view.

It Means More Square Footage for Radiant Heat

The wall hung vanities enable additional square footage for radiant heat since the flooring can extend to the wall. Contractors often suggest floating or free-standing vanities to avoid overheating.

It Can Accommodate Every Height

A wall-mounted vanity can be installed at any height, making it a perfect fit for users of different sizes. That means you can customise the unit’s height to suit your preference.

It Puts Your Tilework on Display

Instead of covering up half of the wall with cabinetry, wall hung bathroom vanities can put your tilework on display. You can extend the tile to the floor, showcasing more marble or porcelain.

It Can Break up Wood Overload

Too much wood in your bathroom can get monotonous, so floating a vanity on a painted, wallpapered, or tiled wall will help. A wood cabinet on a wood floor is sometimes overwhelming to the eye, and a wall hung vanity can lead to a more fresh bathroom design.

It’s Ideal for Every Family Member

With plenty of open space underneath, a floating vanity can accommodate every family member’s needs. There is room for a toddler’s stepstool, a grandmother’s walker, or a wheelchair, ensuring everyone in the family can use the bathroom comfortably.

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity?

Think About Who Will Be Using It and How

Wall-hung vanity
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When selecting a wall hung vanity remember it’s essential to consider the individuals using it and the activities they will engage in. For instance, if you and your partner need to get ready simultaneously, a double-sink vanity may be necessary, whereas a single vanity would suffice if you’re alone. Additionally, having ample counter space and storage is a must, along with other bathroom must-haves, if you like to do your hair and makeup. Choose a customised solution that caters to your specific needs if you have multiple personal preferences.

Consider the Location of Your Plumbing

Plumbing for vanity
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Determining the location of your plumbing is crucial when deciding where to place your vanity. Plumbing is a critical bathroom component, meaning modifying it can be time-consuming and expensive. If planning a new bathroom, ensure plumbing can fit your chosen floating vanity. While changing your plumbing may be possible, keep in mind it can take an unnecessary toll on your budget.

During the renovation, you can narrow your options and choose a vanity that fits your space and style preferences by working with the existing plumbing configuration. A floor-mounted vanity can typically employ the current plumbing setup, but a wall hung vanity option may require adjustments to the plumbing hook-ups for your sink.

Determine the Amount and Type of Storage You Need

Vanity storage
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One of the benefits of having a vanity is the additional storage space. It’s important to consider how much storage you need and what you plan to store in the vanity. However, you should first consider the space available and the vanity size you have decided on.

That often means making compromises based on the available space and storage requirements. For instance, you may have to forgo some storage space if it’s impossible to fit in a sink plumbing system along with three columns of drawers. In such cases, a combination of drawer and cabinet storage may be the solution.

Remember that drawers and cabinet doors take up different types of space. Drawers extend forward while cabinet doors swing out to the side. Depending on your bathroom layout, one may be more practical than another. Regardless of the style, choose organisational tools that maximise storage and minimise clutter.