Food Business: How to Go Green

There’s a reason sustainability trends are on the rise lately: they affect the environment as well as our well-being positively. Being part of a consumerist world, eco-consciousness is a valuable trait which can turn to be very profitable when you’re in the food business.

No matter whether you’re going small or big, having a restaurant, food truck or café, going green is the future and it can be done one step at a time with a change as simple as switching plastic with eco straws.

They’re eco-friendly, made of natural and renewable materials, such as corn, and can be composted unlike their plastic counterparts. Besides, eco straws have come to be just as stylish and versatile, being available in more than one size, like the standard, cocktail and jumbo, and a variety of colours and patterns.

Yes, sustainable can be chic too! You don’t have to end with the straws, knowing there are eco alternatives for all the cutlery, food containers, bowls (packaging in general), napkins and bags, in the example of those made of bamboo. If it has to be disposable, then let it be compostable and biodegradable.

eco straws

You could further reduce your damaging impact on the environment by being more prudent with the waste management, starting from paying particular attention to the cleaning and cooking. Reducing the waste serves as an example for consumers and helps cut down your disposal costs.

You could teach them a lesson about eco-awareness by using multiple bins where they can dispose of the waste that would later be reused and recycled. For instance, many of the kitchen scrapes that get tossed out can be used to create your own compost that you can later use to grow your own herbs or veggies.

Moreover, you could always use extra food as the reason to start up a campaign for donating food and contribute more to the community.

Speaking of ingredients, you’d be able to considerably cut down your carbon footprint by choosing to buy fresh produce locally. Not only would you support local businesses and boost the local economy, you’d also be able to lower the greenhouse gas emissions.

An added benefit to these changes would be beating the competition and attracting a bigger number of customers, so what you invest in sustainability would pay off long-term. Don’t forget to advertise, spreading word about your green business, and inspire people. The reward would be growing as a brand.