Four Important Photography Accessories You Didn’t Think You Needed

As a photographer, the center of your universe is your camera bag and its contents. Of course your DSLRs, your lenses and your flashlights are the most common equipment in your bag, but being passionate about photography doesn’t stop there, right? Finding new ways of making your photos even better is essential for every photographer, no matter whether you’re still an amateur or a professional. Cameras, lenses and flashlights aside, there are other important items that should be part of every photographer’s “rescue kit”, so if you’re willing to update your photography equipment with new and interesting gear, you’ve come to the right place.


Photo Printer

In the era of uploading millions of photos online, we somehow forgot about the fresh smell of actual photography. Fortunately, there are many nostalgic people who still like to touch and feel their photos and order them by date in their photo albums or hang them around the house. You will definitely encounter clients that want actual, not just digital photos, so having your own printer will be a great advantage. Also, pay attention to the type of ink cartridges you use because without them you can wave goodbye to your beautiful photos that you worked so hard on.

Telephoto Lens

A telephoto lens is designed for taking photographs of distant subjects. Normally these lenses are used for taking photos of wildlife, concerts, all kinds of sporting events or any other circumstances where the photographer can’t get close to the subject. Getting closer to your subject with a zoom telephoto lens will isolate your subject but at the same time it will draw attention to it. Normal lenses don’t always give you this luxury, that’s why these lenses are crucial for a good photography shot.

Battery Grip

This is a handy and very useful accessory is to be mounted on the bottom of your DSLR camera and it’s used to hold an extra battery. Nobody wants to change the battery in the middle of a shoot, that’s why this little and very practical item is a must for every photographer. Plus, battery grips have an extra shutter button, which means that when you’re turning the camera on its side to take a vertical shot, the shutter button will be on the top – exactly where you’re used to having it.

Folding Reflectors

These easy-to-use reflectors will allow you to fill shadows and perform a variety of lightning effects. Whether you’re indoors or out, the folding reflectors simply use the light available and help create beautiful shadow details with soft-neutral, contrast-neutral or warm-toned illumination. The great thing about these accessories is that they are easy to transport since, as the name suggests, they can be folded, which means you can carry them around wherever you go.