Freediving: One Breath Will Do for the Born to Dwell in the Blue

For the purpose of better understanding, I want you to hold your breath all the way while reading this article. You’re not up for the challenge? Well, that only proves your rookie-ness regarding freediving. However, since you’re here, you must be somewhat interested into finding out more about this particular sport and that’s why I suggest you continue reading below where I’ll go over all the necessary freediving equipment required and some additional tips.


First of all, it’s important to note that freediving is a kind of sport that makes one appear more than a mere mortal. The blueprint of this occupation is the ability to put your breath on hold while nothing else is on hold (all your other abilities). It requires focus, patience and much practice in order to achieve the half-human, half-mermaid/aquaman status. If one wants to conquer the bluest of depths in one breath, they first must learn to let go of the need to conquer anything. To be one with the ocean, to be able for a moment there to beat the odds without relying on machinery, but on your own physical abilities, you need to have a profound understanding and respect for that whole new world you wish to explore. Also, you must abide to the most important rule of this sport and that is: never go freediving alone.

Apart from being mindful and prepare through prior practice, there are also several pieces of essential freediving equipment that can surely smoothen up the whole experience and help you and the sea go along swimmingly. The list is short and almost predictable as you’ll only need a simple snorkel, a wet suit, flexible fins, a torch and of course, an underwater camera. You may think that the camera is not that much of an essential piece, but perhaps, this amazing freediving couple might help change your mind.

Now if you want to have an extraordinary underwater experience and if you are willing to spend a bit more, look for a mask with mirrored HD lens. These masks provide 15% more clearness and they hide the eyes, a quality which can make you more approachable for fish to come and take a closer look (yes, they think we have spooky eyes). Finally, if all goes well, and if you are careful and responsible I am sure it will, you’ll have some pretty awesome stories to tell.