French Country – The Antidote to Boring Living Room Design

Your home furniture speaks tons about you and your personality. Therefore, when choosing furniture for your living room, you may want to buy pieces that reflect your personal taste, style, and character. If you have a love for the rustic feel and want to make your living room inviting and cozy, French country furniture can help you add a touch of class and character to it.

French country furniture is beautiful, accessible, practical and elegant. Inspired by the rustic country life and including rich details like elegant lines, lovely colour contrasts and superior craftsmanship, it is the ideal choice of furniture for living room to bring the ambiance to a superior level.

From sofas, coffee tables, chairs and ottomans, to bookcases and many other pieces, French country furniture can be either carved or hand painted. Its designs can vary from simple to slightly more ornate, and most of the pieces are made from solid wood. When it comes to colours, the basic ones in a French style decor are white, cream, earth tones and weathered metallic hues. In every design scheme details play a huge role, so let’s take a look at what to pay attention to most in order to get the true look of a French country living room.

French Living Room Furniture


In French country style, lighting is used to add an elegant touch to the room, hence, it should be soft and flattering yet designed to make a statement. Metal pendant lights blend perfect with this style and farmhouse-style lanterns can be also used to add a more country feel. Don’t forget to place candles around the room; aside from being a great option for adding ambiance, lavender scented candles will make your space smell like a real Southern France manor.

Wall Coverings

Wall coverings are a great ally to help you fully embrace this style. For example, large mirrors can add focus to the room and also reflect light, making the room feel lighter and bigger. Wallpaper is the ideal option for walls – a textured wallpaper, for example, far outweighs simpler country furnishings and adds a more rustic appeal. Architectural details are a hallmark of the French-country style; you can make use of decorative cornices, rosettes, ceiling panels and corbels to give a dose of glamour to your space.


As we have said, details matter. By combining French furniture for living room with the right accessories, you can transform an ordinary living room into a true provincial one. For instance, a fireplace will make the room that much cozier and warm. A bouquet of fresh flowers in crystal, glass or a ceramic vase on the coffee table or side table will infuse your space with life and freshness. Use baskets for storage and bunches of dried lavender to add fragrance and an authentic French province look to your living room.