Your Garden Wants You to Adorn It with One of Those French Lounge Areas

No garden is ever complete without having a quiet oasis where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful greenery. Many people have started looking for inspiration in the French country style, and just like the French, this type of lounge area has a “take it easy” approach. When choosing French outdoor furniture, keep in mind that it should be minimalistic and natural in order to evoke the humbleness of old Provence. Here are some pieces to include when creating your French-inspired lounge area that will make your garden go from blah to oh la la.

Reclaimed Timber Dining Table

To perfectly capture the spirit of French Provence, you can place a reclaimed timber table in your outdoor dining area – it will make it look more inviting and will add extra charm to the whole dining mix. Also, a dining table made of a material that has been previously used as a part of an old house or even a bridge, will bring a mystic feel. The scratch marks and smooth angles of this table will perfectly capture the rustic French appeal. And don’t forget how the French love eating together, thus, your outdoor dining table should be large enough to accommodate the whole family.

French Outdoor Furniture

Rattan Chairs

Rattan is a very popular material in the French outdoor furniture design. It has a woven texture and a warm earthy appearance which reminds of cozy Sunday afternoons. What makes rattan chairs a great choice for outdoor furniture is the fact that this is one of the strongest woods in the world and can survive all kinds of harsh weather. Another advantage of rattan chairs is that they are extremely lightweight, which means you can move them wherever you want. Whether you want to sit in the shadows or bask in the sun, they are your ally. To up the comfort, add cushions. Try something in neutral colours like, beige or white, as to not disturb the calm ambiance you’re trying to create. Just picture yourself sitting in a chair like this one, surrounded by a blanket of colourful flowers – pretty much an impressionist-like painting, you must admit.

Minimalistic Decorative Elements

When using ornaments to decorate your garden, the key is balance. Try not to overdo it and include too many elements but rather stick to what’s appealing to the eye. A French country garden requires vintage-looking ornaments which are scattered here and there without being too much. Some of the essential additions of this type of garden are a small water fountain and a bird house. Visit a flea market when looking for these items to get them at more affordable prices. If you still have some room left for other decorations, you can put a small arbour over the entrance, a stone pathway leading up to the dining area, or even a statue. The charm of the French country style is that it is not strictly defined and leaves space for you to play with your imagination and improvise.