Get Your Mail The Stylish Way

Mailbox-DesignsHomeowners usually focus on the interior or the exterior, but only in the sense of landscape. However, there are many other things that can add to the appeal of the outdoor structure, take mailboxes for example. A simple thing such as a mailbox can go a long way. You may think this is weird, but actually it’s not. Just think how it would look like to pair a traditional mailbox with a modern house and vice versa.

Some of the latest mailbox designs, due to the fact that they’re made mostly of wood and stainless steel (used only for certain parts, such as the hinges and fasteners) make for a perfect match regarding any kind of surroundings, whether more traditional or entirely minimalistic and modern. Top manufacturers specifically choose to go for this blend because it provides both sturdiness and elegant look. It should go without saying that for a complete look, attention to detail is of utmost importance. If chosen correctly, apart from serving as a practical item, a mailbox can also speak volumes about one’s taste and understanding of design.

You can also find mailboxes fully made of stainless steel, but I don’t think you want a mailbox that looks like a locker from a high school movie from the 90’s. Or do you? I won’t judge (chuckles). When it comes to the wooden part, there’s certainly no better way to go about it than timber. It both sustainable and resistant to the invasion of corrosion and need I mention that it looks as sleek as can be.

Apart from the choice of material, what makes a mailbox suitable for any kind of outdoor setting is its color. A safe and classic approach is dark brown, however if you want to take sophistication to the next level, you can go with charcoal.

And when it comes to mounting, who says you have to go with a traditional post mounted mailbox? That’s a thing of the past and the past alone. Nowadays, there are several different options: flush mounted, wall mounted or even a fence mounted mailbox that can equally add appeal to your home’s exterior. The additional useful features are also something to consider. For instance, many manufacturers offer accessories for their mailboxes such as newspaper holders, extra security measures or metal plates and signs.

Finally, being creative always brings some extra customers. That’s why many of the mailbox designs manufacturers are offering the option to make mailboxes as personal as possible. This means that if you have a specific finish in mind or have your mailbox engraved. Yes, it’s high time we put mailboxes where they belong – in the style department!