Give Eco Friendly Gifts & Help Keep The Planet Waste Free

eco friendly gifts


We’re all guilty when it comes to making waste. We use plastic bags, non-eco-friendly cosmetic products, we brush our teeth with the water running, you name it. Being aware of our environment is something that humanity is still learning. We may be making progress slowly, but it takes much more than deciding not to use straws anymore. It’s all about being aware of the most common consumerism traps and how to avoid them.

Buying presents has also become a form of consumerism in recent years. We don’t think of what the person needs anymore, but what would look great wrapped in a box and posted on Instagram. This is how people end up with gifts they don’t need and don’t use and which eventually are thrown away to pollute our rivers and oceans.

We’re a few months away from the holidays. Just think of all the plastic wrapping paper that will be thrown away and all the objects that will never be used. If you want to make a change this year and get practical presents for your loved ones, buying eco friendly gifts is the best way to ensure that they won’t end up in a landfill.

Why Get Eco-Friendly Presents?

Most people aren’t aware of how much waste they create. They also think that there aren’t any eco friendly alternatives to most of the stuff they use on a daily basis. Getting eco friendly gifts for friends that haven’t adopted sustainable habits yet can help raise their awareness. All you need to do is inspire them to take little baby steps.

For instance, if they have been reluctant to try a bamboo toothbrush or an eco-friendly deodorant, by giving them these items as gifts you can help break the ice. Once they see that sustainable alternatives are just as good as the traditional ones, they will be more likely to experiment themselves with sustainable practices.

And if you yourself already try to live a zero-waste life, then giving your loved one’s ones eco-friendly gifts for their big days (weddings, birthday, anniversaries) is essential to stay true to yourself. It takes one person to create a change. Be vocal about this, share your knowledge with people. Speak about all the things we use once or twice before we toss them in the garbage.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Edible Chocolate Bouquets

Some people don’t like getting a bouquet of flowers that will wither away in a few days. But do you know what everyone loves? Chocolate! By getting a chocolate bouquet you can give this traditional gift choice an eco-friendly spin. No flowers will go to waste, and your loved one will get a treat for their taste buds.

You can find edible bouquet options for people who are following a plant-based, vegan or vegetarian diet. You can easily make such a present yourself, but if you aren’t skilled or prefer something made by professionals, you can find many great options online. Make sure it’s placed in a reusable container or box, and of course wrapped in recycled paper.

Trip to a Berry Picking Farm

woman picking strawberries on a farm


If you knew how many people crave a little adventure for their big day, you’d never go to a store and buy a boring present. If there is a farm in your area that offers you to go and pick berries, don’t think twice and book a trip for your loved one. You can also join in and have a great bonding time.

You will get a lovely day spent in nature while picking (and tasting) some delicious fruits. We forget how joyful it is to eat fruits right there under the tree. This will be an amazing way to spend the day together – a memory will last longer than any present you pick.

Tree Planted on Their Behalf

planting a tree as a gift


When it comes to nature, planting a tree on behalf of your loved one is one of the best things you can do not only for them but for the planet as well. The tree will have a legacy with the name of your dear person. This is a wonderful thing to gift for a newborn – you can see the tree grow together with the little one.

Zero Waste Starter Pack

zero waste starter kit


You can never go wrong with buying reusable bags, cups, straws or utensils. These are long-term gifts that will not be thrown in the garbage after a month or a year. The good thing is that such presents are budget-friendly, so besides you’re helping the environment, you are saving some money as well.

Adopt a Pet

adopting a pet


Take your loved one in an animal shelter and ask them to pick a pet. Adopting a pet is one of the kindest things you can do. Millions of animals are waiting for their forever home. You won’t spend any money and a cat or dog will get their human to love them.

Keeping the environment is our responsibility. Becoming aware of all the waste we do can help us reduce the use of unnecessary things. Stay woke!