Your Guide To Curtains And Window Treatments

Curtains offer more than just warmth and privacy to your home – if you make the right choice of material and style you can transform and complement the whole atmosphere in your living area. When it comes to style, the options are endless, and which one you decide to choose as a window cover mainly depends on your personal taste. However, when looking for the right match, there are more things you will need to consider beside style.curtains online

Before you go on a curtains shopping spree, consider your options. Do you want to waste your time roaming the stores desperately looking for the best match for your windows, or, you want to shop online from the comfort of your home? My thoughts exactly. Buying curtains online has given the whole shopping experience another dimension. It is a much more convenient option as this way you have a wider selection of products which you certainly cannot find in local stores. Moreover, you can compare prices and choose the best deal that suits your budget best. Once you find the right curtains online retailer, the next step is to make the right decision. Bear the following few things in mind.

  • Material – Not just the style, but the material is also something that should blend perfectly with your room décor. If the interior is more formal, consider velvet or heavy silk as both are dry-cleaned only. Cotton sateen and silky rayon blends are considered as the more practical options since they are machine washable thus, easy to maintain. For a more casual feel choose crinkly crushed velvet or billowy linen. Cotton is the perfect companion to almost any home décor as it provides a neat feel.
  • Prints and Patterns – There is a simple rule here – if your home is furnished with patterned furniture pieces, look for neutral curtains and vice versa. If you go with patterned curtains go for some with neutral and small prints such as paisley or dots.
  • Colour – Make a decision: you want to blend your curtains with the décor or to make it pop? If you want to make a blend, choose curtains a few tones darker than the walls. Keep in mind that in a room in which the sun shines through unlined curtains, the colour of the curtains will infuse the whole room. This means your blue curtains may appear to be pink.
  • Length – For the perfect look, the curtains should make a contact with the floor. If you have a radiator standing in the way of this, the curtains should make contact with it too. If you want to achieve this you need to take precise measurements so that there are no length problems once your curtains are ready to be hanged.
  • Tiebacks – If you often pull the curtains to the side, you need something to hold them in place. In this case tiebacks are your solution. You can choose between fancy ropes and simple fabric tiebacks – depending on your preferences. Make sure you choose ones that will match the overall room design for the ultimate sophisticated look.