The Expert Guide to Basswood Shutters and Learn Why They’ll Work Wonders in Your Home

Curtains are cool, they really are, but there’s something even more fancier, appealing and easy to maintain than a piece of cloth: shutters. You may think shutters are old school and they probably remind you of the doors in bars of old western movies, but in today’s modern world, shutters are a lot more than that. They’re a sun blocking element, a totally amazing decoration for your windows and a very cool and efficient addition to your overall interior.

The important thing to pay attention to when it comes to buying shutters, is to choose the right type. My personal favourite are the ones made of basswood which is a perfectly shaped timber, known for its consistent grain and very smooth finish. It has a soft egg-like colour which allows the shutters to fit in every room design. Additionally, they add a dose of elegance to a room, so whichever style you’re trying to pull off, these shutters will work as the perfect complement. Besides choosing basswood shutters, the next important thing to consider is choosing their style.basswood shutters

Tier-on-tier designs

These shutters comprise of two panels that are completely independent from one other. The upper one can be opened when you need a dose of sunlight to enter the room and closed when you need a darker, yet still slightly bright ambiance. The lower shutter panels would be the perfect addition to rooms with an urban look and privacy as a priority. These are perfect if light control is what you’re aiming for, which means you’d make the most of them in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Shutters cafe-style

This type of basswood shutters cover only the bottom half of the window and as such are a genius cost-effective solution: lots of light through the open upper part, and the much needed and wanted dose of privacy through the lower. They mainly have a very continental feel and as such would work perfectly in kitchens and living areas. Also, this type of shutters supports the use of Roman blinds and other types of window dressings such as curtains.

Full-height shutters

If you have tall windows, these are the best type of covers for the purpose. They cover the entire length of the glass giving the perfect dramatic finish and wow effect to the overall ambiance. Full-height shutters can also work as room dividers since with their simple but elegant style they work as insulation elements where you need them but don’t want to build walls.

Tracked shutters

These are the simplest shutters you’ll ever come across – they don’t feature any frames nor hinges and simply slide on a track. Tracked shutters go best with French doors or if your patio is connected to your living room, they’d be the perfect divider.