Heavy Duty Fan: Ventilate the Office, Workshop or Jobsite Quickly

heavy duty fanOne of the best choices for supplemental indoor cooling, ventilation and moisture removals is the heavy duty fan. You can probably get away with getting a household fan for a small office, but cooling an entire garage, warehouse and other commercial space will require the use of several household fans. Instead, buying a single duty fan will do the trick for you.

There are various different models, so you aren’t left with a shortage of options in that regard. There are mobile standalone models which are great if you need their portability from one area to another in a commercial environment. These are an economical solution, while on the other hand, wall and floor fans are immobile and you might need to get one for each and every room.

Heavy duty fans are easy to install, contrary to popular belief, and they can be utilised to deliver uniform temperatures to schools, restaurants, loading docks, and many other industrial and commercial spaces. Moreover, fans reduce the dependency on your HVAC system. They regulate already conditioned air, and lower your energy bill.

Furthermore, a heavy duty fan can protect the inventory in your storage room. Lots of foods are susceptible to spoilage and that can be prevented by the fan. The fan will keep the air circulating through the room which helps deter mold, mildew and will help keep things fresh. Diffusing fumes and reducing moisture can help make the workplace safer and less slippery. Moreover, fumes and exhaust won’t linger in place, since the fan will blow them out of the way. You can also use the fan in reverse to destratify the air.

Depending on the size of your workshop, garage, warehouse or office, you’ll want to choose an appropriate size fan, in order for it to be efficient throughout the entire room. The construction of the fan should be of something durable like aluminium. And lastly, if you want to save money on the electricity bill, make sure it has an energy efficient induction motor!