The Holy Bible English Standard Version: Reach the World with God’s Word

If you have ever read a single chapter, or as much as a few pages of the Bible, you must have noticed that it truly is a unique book. Aside the fact that it’s the word of God, the Bible’s uniqueness goes through all its pages in the style of expression. Having in mind that it has been written over a period of more than 1600 years by more than 40 different people, you won’t wonder whether it’s God’s spoken word. Of course, to get to that conclusion, you need to read and study the matter.


You may have heard that the Bible is the hardest book to read from cover to cover, and that’s completely true. It’s filled with names, family trees, places, dates and times and all that can make kind of a mess in your head. However, no one says you have to read it in two days, nor two weeks, nor two months. As long as you have the desire to learn and understand, you can read it for as long as a year. Which is why it’s good to have your own copy, and your best choice is to get the Holy Bible English standard version.

I’ve always been intrigued by the Bible; how is it possible for a book written about 2000 years before the beginning of this era to still be relevant today? That, my dear friends, is the ultimate reason why I decided to get myself the Holy Bible English standard version and start studying it. The copy I got makes the entire procedure really, really easy and if I do decide to devote a few hours of the day to read and think and study, I’d finish it in just 4 weeks. However, that’s kind of debatable and individual, so the reading plan is entirely up to you.

Another thing that draws me towards the idea of reading the Bible in a thorough manner, is the fact that the Bible is proven to be historically all true, which leaves no reason to think that it’s bogus when it comes to whether it is or it isn’t the word of God. Two famous secular historians wrote about some events from the Bible at the same time that they were written in it. Historians do enjoy a certain degree of respect and reliability in society, so they had no reason to lie. Also, thanks to today’s modern technology and advanced searching methods, a number of discoveries are made every day that support a lot of the claims in the Bible. All that is enough reason for me to pay more attention to the book.

All in all, all Christians know that no bad can come from reading and understanding the most important book in Christianity. The Bible, as the word of God, offers priceless insights in the beauty and complexity of relations between people and the overall quality of life. Among the aspect of divinity, that is. That being said, your own copy of the Bible should definitely be a part of your personal library as a book you can always come back to.