How to Choose the Ideal Firepit for Your Backyard

Since the beginning of time, our lives have heavily revolved around fire. Used for heat, cooking, illumination, and so much more, it seemed that fire can’t be replaced by anything for a long while there. Universally accepted as humankind’s greatest and most important discovery, it’s easy to see how this train of thought was set into motion.

However, as the years passed and humanity developed more and more, fire took more of a supporting role, while the lead was taken up by electricity. From electric stoves, all the way to air conditioning units, we don’t have a need for open fire within the home anymore. Still, even though fire was pushed back, it doesn’t mean it was completely forgotten about.

Fireplaces are a great example of humans still loving the feel and look of a lovely, sweet-smelling fireside in their home, while firepits are another way for us to enjoy the benefits of the primordial blaze while outdoors. A more sophisticated way to set up a fireside outside, firepits can be found in backyards all over Australia and the world. Coming in a variety of styles to match exterior decor, sizes to match needs, and materials and colours to cater to both, firepits are an excellent addition for anyone wanting to add a bit of a rustic glow to their home and spend some cosy time with their friends in fresh, chilly nights.

If you’re one who’d love to buy a fire pit for their home but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, here are a few points to think about when making the choice.

Step One: Choose a Model 

two round firepits burning at a barbeque party

Fire pits come in a wide selection of models made to cater to everyone’s needs and exterior design style. It’s very important to achieve a unified flow in your outdoor seating area so as to create a completely relaxing atmosphere, so having a wide choice of firepits available is a great thing. 

To start off, you’ll need to make a decision on whether you want a circular, rectangular, or a fire pit with a more contemporary, inventive design. This will set the tone for the whole thing and will allow you to narrow down your choices later on. Circular firepits are excellent for bigger spaces that need to be able to warm up and be accessible to everyone seating around them. Rectangular ones are perfect for smaller, more traditionally set up outdoor seating areas. Firepits with a contemporary design can be used as a heating centrepiece like the other two, but also as a decor item in big yards. 

Once you’ve decided on the purpose and model of your firepit, it’s time to choose a material. 

Step Two: Choose a Material 

There are basically three materials you can choose from – steel, concrete, and cast iron. Each of these materials provides its own beauty as well as performance, not to mention an aesthetic that fits different design options. 

Steel firepits are able to house actual wood in their pit and allow for that extremely natural feel of fire in your backyard. With the proper additions, steel pits can also be used for cooking or grilling, which is just another plus. You can find steel-made pits in both given shapes and also in contemporary design. Concrete pits are all about that minimalistic look and feel, housing both real wood fires and ethanol fires, though the ethanol option is more prominent. Concrete firepits are quite sturdy, obviously fire-resistant, and can come in an either circular or rectangular shape.

Finally, cast iron pits are the rarest kind around with features and look similar to that of their steel cousins. With a more rugged look, however, these pits also come in two basic shapes and can be found housing interesting detailing.

Step Three: Choose a Size

person putting wood in firepit

As I said before, all the firepits are made to cater to both different aesthetics and different needs, so take a look at your backyard, especially the designated seating area and make a decision regarding the size of the pit you need. You’ll want your firepit to sit comfortably between your seating arrangement, but not be too close or too far away from everybody. 

A round firepit can be as big as 100 cm in diameter, providing heat for a huge area, whether indoor or outdoor. Rectangular ones come in similar dimensions and often feature a space you can use as a table, making the actual pit smaller than the dimensions of the whole construction itself. The contemporary versions can come in a variety of heights and diameters, so if you’re interested in one of them, it’s best to check out your retailer’s website for full details. 

Step Four: Choose a Colour 

Once you have all of these decisions down its time to think more thoroughly about aesthetics and choose a colour. Most of the metal-made firepits come in either their natural, metallic steel colour, a rusted version, a matte black version, or a dirty white one. The concrete firepits can come in either concrete grey, black, or white, while the cast iron usually comes in its natural colour and is rarely painted, although you can find versions that are. There are also firepits enveloped in wood for a more authentic and homely vibe. These are usually rectangular and are excellent to use outdoors as much as indoors.

One last tip would be to always pay attention to how strong the firepit you’re looking at actually is to avoid overheating or underheating. After that and once you’ve followed all these steps it’s time for congratulations, because your backyard just got its ideal firepit and you gained a truly exquisite space in your home!