How to Create a Modern, Industrial-Style Dining Room

With its fast-paced technology that constantly competes for our attention, the modern world can get overwhelming. While looking for ways to escape the stress of the daily, high-tech life, many turn to the industrial style as a way to bring their homes back to a different age. An age where people were just getting used to innovation and automation.

industrial style dining room

Industrial spaces are designed in a way that evokes a warm, welcoming mood while also having just the right amount of modern touches to keep us in the present. They may be rustic and vintage, but they’re also edgy and innovative, proving to be the perfect blend between “then and now”. So, if you too want to bring the industrial look into your home, one of the best places to start is the dining area. Here are some tips on how to create a modern, industrial style dining room.

Dining Table

When it comes to choosing industrial furniture dining table should be made of hardwood, preferably reclaimed woods, and a durable, metal frame. It should be large and dominate the space with its presence. Tables in strict, rectangular shapes and with straight lines have a more industrial appeal than oval ones. When it comes to the finish, always opt for a darker colour as opposed to lighter ones. In fact, a black tabletop can give a noticeable industrial vibe to any space. Just like all industrial furniture dining table shouldn’t have any details or decorations, like for instance engraving. However, some mild distressing is welcomed.


Industrial spaces look best when they have a certain eclectic element. To create an eclectic feel that makes it seem as your dining room took years to put together, you can try using a mix of different chairs. Some chair styles that look especially good in industrial spaces are Bentwood, cross-back, Tolix, Windsor, and most chairs made of metal, whether it’s tin, steel, iron, copper or aluminium. Although these chairs have a traditional design when mixing and matching them you can achieve a cool, contemporary look that doesn’t feel too vintage.

Lighting Fixtures

Besides the furniture, another element that is crucial for creating a genuine, industrial vibe is the lighting. In particular, the choice of lighting fixtures. Just as with the chairs, you cannot go wrong when choosing lighting fixtures made of aged metal, like for instance brass, copper and similar finishes that will give some warmth to the space. These types of fixtures will look even more industrial-like when outfitted with Edison-style bulbs.