How to Decorate Around a Grey Modern Sofa

Being the most lounging, comfy and entertaining area, the furniture in your living room should be cosy and appealing at the same time. Although darker coloured sofas were quite popular in the past, nowadays, it seems that the lighter and more neutral colours are the most sought-after options.

The neutral colour palette of sofa fabrics includes grey, beige, taupe and cream, out of which the light grey designer sofas seem to be the most popular. The reason why grey is a neutral colour is simple. Since it’s a mixture of black and white with no colour undertone, grey colour can anchor literally any colour scheme. Even the sleek and simple line grey modern sofas can look high-end in an otherwise simple living room.

Although a cooler colour, quality fabric grey designer sofas can be both warm and luxurious looking at the same time. Just have in mind that when you’re looking to buy a quality grey modern sofa, you should choose a fabric that is easy to maintain while also looking high-end. The choice is huge and so are the chances to find the perfect piece for you, but only if you choose wisely and shop at the right store.

modern grey sofa bed for living room


Ways to Decorate Around a Grey Sofa

Throw Pillows & Blankets

If you’re wondering how to style a grey sofa, the easiest way is with the help of throw pillows. These sofas can go well with a range of throw pillows in both matte and high-sheen fabric. You can either mix them or place them alone. If you choose to mix and match them, you can balance the setting by placing the sheen fabric pillows behind the matte ones. And if another concern of yours is what colours go with grey sofa, you’ll be happy to learn that any colour can go great with a light grey sofa. Purple, turquoise, yellow, black, red, orange, you name it. And all this is thanks to its neutrality and no undertone colour.

Although mainly used during the colder seasons, it is no secret that throw blankets double their purpose. The thin and fine-knitted patterned and printed throw blankets can be used during the warmer season as the perfect decorative piece that can jazz up the room. Being quite affordable and available in a range of fabrics, designs, sizes and shapes, throw blankets allow you to swap them out easily as the seasons change. All you need to do is to pick the right colour and material and that’s it. To jazz up the decor, choose a fabric or colour that contrasts the fabric and colour of your sofa.

modern grey sofa bed with decorative pillows coffee table and side tables



In case you are not a fan of throw blankets and them being placed on your sofa, you can always add a fancy basket next to your sofa where you can store them. You can even choose a larger model that can store the throw pillows as well when you don’t want to have them on the sofa. Depending on your home’s style, you can choose a basket that can blend with the rest of the surrounding area. Bamboo, wicker, plastic and metal are just some of the many options from which you can choose. All of them can range in shape, size and design, allowing you to even mix and match different styles.

Side Tables

Styling a grey sofa is all about incorporating the right pieces in the right colour. Just like there is a large selection of coffee tables, side tables are also available in different styles, types, sizes, shapes and material combinations, so everyone could find the perfect piece for their needs. While most people match their side table/s with the coffee table, you can always skip this rule and choose something bolder.

large indoor plants near grey sofa bed with decorative throws and blankets



The general rule of design and décor is mixing both vertical and horizontal elements. You can jazz up the horizontal layout of your couch with taller plants. You can place them either on both sides of the sofa or in other eye-catching corners or parts of your room. If extremely tall indoor plants are not your thing, and your eyes are more drawn towards smaller plants like the Peace Lily, you can always choose one of the many types of indoor plants. Besides being appealing, some types of indoor houseplants can also provide you with numerous health benefits.

And since we are talking about adorning the surrounding area of a modern sofa, the perfect addition would be a modern planter. If you want to get the best of both worlds, interior designers recommend choosing a self watering planter. An appealing, stylish and effortless self watering planter can help you keep your plants healthy and well-hydrated while eliminating the need to water them several times a week. Thanks to the built-in reservoir and water level indicator of these goodies, you can fill up the reservoir with water and forget about watering your plants at least for 10-15 days.

Thanks to their modular design, sleek and simple lines, and neutral colours, self-watering planters are super versatile and can work in any space of your home. Made of high-quality HDPE and BPA-free plastic that is also UV protected, these planters can be used both indoors and outdoors. They can seamlessly blend with your sofa, taking the look of your living room to the next level. Self-watering planters are appropriate for all types of indoor plants, herbs and even veggies, which gives you the freedom to plant whatever you want. You can even move them to your kitchen and plant your favourite organic herbs and veggies in them.