How to Decorate with Animal Themes without Overwhelming Your Space

Animal print on wall


We are all looking for home decorating ideas to kick it up a notch. Most homeowners prefer to play it safe and focus primarily on choosing furniture and lighting fixtures, leaving decorative elements for the end. The functionality of your living space is important, but sometimes you need a powerful decorative item that can make your home unique. Incorporating animal themes in your home décor is a great way to elevate the ambience and change the look and feel of your living space.

Decorate with Animal Posters

Animal wall print


One of the easiest ways to create an accent wall is with animal poster art. The natural beauty of the animal world never ceases to inspire and amaze us. You can get creative and add an animal motif to your home interior. There are many beautiful and stylish animal style posters and prints that will fit well in any room in your house. You can choose from stylistic illustrations to nature photographs and highlight any blank wall with a piece of artwork.

Adorning your walls with animal posters is a nice way to show your love and admiration for nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures. You can choose from a variety of animal poster art designs and find something that uplifts your spirit. Sometimes sharing in the eternal beauty of the animal world can help forget the strains and stresses of everyday life and make you feel closer to nature.

Depending on your style and preferences, you can choose animal images that bring out the elegant forms and subtle camouflage of the wild world and give a new perspective of the world. The rich diversity of animal life on our planet is a never-ending inspiration gained through appreciation and love of the animals’ beauty and power.

If you are decorating a small room, you can use only one animal poster and restrict it only to one wall. But if your space allows it, you can use two or three posters in one room, especially if the room has white, cream, tan or brown walls. Start with a neutral background and you won’t have to worry about the room looking busy.

In the end, make sure to always choose posters that you like. Decorating with animal posters is supposed to be a fun experience, so you can choose the ones you like the most. Go for colours that catch your eye, feel free to mix and match and choose frames carefully. If you want to tie the room together, go for a framed poster, but if you want to create a casual feel, you can choose light and bright unframed posters.

Add Decorative Cushions with Animal Prints

Animal print cushions on sofas


Decorative cushions are some of the most popular home accessories. They can make your living space feel more comfortable and more colourful. Decorative cushions with animal prints are an easy and cost-effective way to jazz up your living room or bedroom that can forge creativity and actualise your style.

If chosen carefully, they can pull the room together and give a polished and modern look to your home interior. Adding animal cushions to your couch is one of the easiest ways to inject a dose of confidence into your home décor.

If leopard prints are your favourite, use that alone or try to introduce complementary characters like giraffe and tiger as they both have a similar palette. You can use them in your bedroom, on a hallway bench if you have one, or in a corner of your home you are not using, and get yourself a reading or relaxing nook. This way you can create a subtle theme throughout the entire house.

Use Animal Hide Rugs

Animal hide rug in a room


Nothing brings more warmth to a room than a carefully chosen rug. But also, it can bring the entire space together easily and create a casual sensibility in your home by complementing the texture and tones of the existing home décor. You may think that Persian rugs can create a rich and dramatic statement for your floor, but animal hide rugs can certainly grab the attention of your guests.

There are many variations of genuine or imitation hide rugs, from cowhide, sheepskins and more. You can choose from a wide range of animal hide rugs, and select reindeer, whose pattern is slightly dappled or opt for an animal print rug that speaks a loud statement. Depending on the size of the room you are decorating, you can choose a smaller rug, however, most rooms benefit more from a larger animal hide rug.

The beauty of decorating with rugs is that they give you enough space and freedom to lay plenty of furniture over the top. A rug is not like a poster or a cushion where there is less room to hide unless you decide to turn the rug into a wall hanging, which can look very chic and add charm to your living space.

A carefully placed rug can make the whole difference in your home décor. Most often, the rug is placed in the centre of the room, which can add softness to the entire space, but if you want to separate certain areas in a room, then you can use more than one rug to define them. If you are working with an open-concept home, consider layering several rugs with different textures and styles.

Animal hide rugs work well in both traditional and modern homes. They are unique and eye-catching features, but more importantly, they are durable and can survive high foot traffic, pet chewing and dirt. At the same time, they are pliable, soft and natural and can add an incredible amount of artistry and character to any room.