How to Keep the Sun’s Rays Off Your Car Windows?

What do you do when you’re in the car, going over a bridge or through a tunnel, and the sun is shining in your eyes? Maybe it’s not so bad at first, but then it starts to get annoying. Maybe you have sunglasses, but then you can’t see where you’re going. Or maybe you don’t always have sunglasses with you.

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There are several things you can do to make the morning drive a little less stressful. One of them is to keep shades on the car windows. Tinted windows can be very useful in making sure that your car does not get too hot inside by blocking out the heat from the sun and preventing it from entering your car. People who live in areas with very high temperatures will find shades especially helpful, as they will keep their vehicle cool for them as well as protect them from UV rays that can damage their skin and cause cancer.

Another positive thing about darkening your car’s windows is that it will help protect you against accidental scratches or damages on your vehicle’s interior and exterior paint job, as well as its other parts.

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Roll-down shades. They come in two varieties: manual and electric.

Manual shades are usually made of a thick piece of plastic, maybe half an inch or so, which folds into a case. You pull the shade down by hand, roll it up by hand, and fold it manually into its case. An electric shade doesn’t need to be folded because it’s thin. It has an electric motor in the bottom of the case, along with a cord you plug into your car’s cigarette lighter/power socket.

Electric shades cost more than manual ones. But you don’t have to use your hands. You can let someone else do the work for you. And if you’re driving with children or pets, you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled in a manual shade; with an electric shade, you just have to make sure no one touches the cord when it’s plugged in.

Other than the kind that rolls down, there are also different types worth mentioning: tinted, sunshades and privacy shades.

The most common type of shades is tinted ones. These can block out more than 90% of UV rays and reduce glare by more than 80%. They are usually made from polyester, fabric or vinyl. The problem with these is that they are not able to black out loud noises like traffic or construction sites. Some people also complain that their tinted windows keep them awake at night because they let in too much sunlight even when it’s dark outside.

Sunshades are made from a special material that blocks out light and reduces heat very effectively. These can reduce heat by as much as 40%, which means you’ll be able to enjoy fresh air when the sun starts going down.

Privacy shades. One of the greatest benefits of having window shades on your car windows is that you can have total privacy while inside your vehicle. The tinted windows will prevent people outside from seeing what you are doing inside, thus allowing you to relax or engage in activities you may not want others to see.

Carefully Choose Your Car Back Window Shade

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Tinting the windows in your car is a good way to protect your vehicle’s interior, but it can be very expensive. Car back window shades are an inexpensive alternative that still does the job of protecting your car’s interior. These shades will not only protect the upholstery, but will also protect the dash and other surfaces in your car as well.

Car window shades are a great accessory to have when you need to give your car a personal touch. They are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. You can find everything from solid colours to stripes, and even cute little designs like hearts or polka dots. If you want something more masculine, you can choose from camo to plaid. These shades come with handy clips that allow you to install them quickly and easily. They stay attached to the windows with suction cups so they won’t slide around when you drive down the road.

Make Sure Your Fabric Is the Right Shape for Your Window, and of Course, Matches All Your Other Car Décor

Colour preferences can match many interior designs. Darker colours absorb more heat making it cooler inside your vehicle. The lighter colours reflect more heat keeping you cool. The white is so popular because it reflects all light making it appear brighter inside your vehicle. For those who want complete privacy, there are black-out shades that do not allow any light to enter through the windows.

Designs may be as simple as an opaque curtain-like material to block out UV rays and protect from prying eyes or a sunshade with a geometric pattern for decoration. You can also find mirror-like chrome-finished shades for an upscale look or intricate lace prints for a more feminine touch.

Cold Weather Might Damage Your Car’s Finish Over Time

cold weather damages your cars finish

Many people who drive for a living have their own car window shades that they use to block out the sun. This can be a great way to reduce the glare from sunlight and keep your eyes from getting tired, especially when you need to make several stops in a single day.

But, during the winter, you must have window shades, as snow, sleet and rain can easily come through your windows and cause you to have an accident. If this does happen, and you are sued because of it, then you are responsible for any medical bills that the driver or passengers might have incurred. In extreme circumstances, such as if someone dies due to your negligence in not protecting them from the weather, then you may even face criminal charges.

Use a car window shade when you are driving either your vehicle or a work-provided vehicle so that you do not get into trouble no matter if any weather conditions happen while on the road.