All the Info You Need on Metal Cutting Tools

Are you just getting into metalworking and are looking for quality tools to perform cutting? Trying to find a better cutting tool than the one you already have? Keep reading – in this guide we’ll talk about the basic tools required for the cutting process in the metalworking industry. Metalworking has been existing almost for as long as we have. Archaeologists have discovered adornments and metalworking tools that were developed through means unknown, yet display both craftsmanship and precision.

In the modern world however, metalworking has become a profession as well as a hobby. This is of course an addition to the already popular professions of blacksmithing and tinsmithing. Therefore, the right cutting tools you can use for metalworking will greatly depend on a couple of circumstances. You can find all the necessary tools like nibblers, saws, snips and steel shears for sale online and in hardware stores with relative ease.

Metal Shears

Steel Shears

Steel shears come in different forms but they all have similar purposes. You can use them to either die-cut, or shear sheet metal in the manufacturing process. You can find alligator, bench, power, throatless and guillotine steel shears for sale in most shops. Each type has its own distinct purpose, so the one you decide to go for will depend on the type of die-cutting or shearing you intend to do. However, generally, these units come in very handy with the right combination of durability and comfort. Besides metal, you can cut wood and uneven surfaces with them. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you should first make the decision on how you intend to use them most.


Saws are the most basic tool that performs cutting in the industrial world. There are various different types of saws and the same thing applies for them as in shears – there are different types for different purposes. The most commonly used saws are abrasive saws, bandsaws, hacksaws, jigsaws and cold saws. Jigsaws excel at cutting shapes and patterns, while the other types are for sheer metal cutting which differ in the method that they perform the cuts and whether they’re mounted or hand-held.


Nibblers are used strictly for sheet metal. They’re handheld devices which operate similarly to a die and punch. They feature a linear blade which moves opposite to the fixed die of the tool. They generally produce clean sheet cuts without any distortion. Even though they’re generally a manually operated tool, there are power nibblers available which are powered by an air compressor.