Info on All Types of Light Fixtures

Choosing the right lighting fixture for whatever room in your house can be a bit of challenge if you are not sure what to choose. Most people don’t even know just how many lighting fixtures exist and which ones might be best suited for their needs. There is a huge variety out there and you can find light fixtures that will suit every home. Below we will go over the different types of light fixtures Australia market offers as to get you started on the right foot for making a worthwhile purchase.

light fixtures

  • Pendant lights are small type of fixture, usually hanging from the ceiling either by a cord, chain, or some kind of rod. They are traditionally designed to fit only one light bulb so they might not light up the entire room. This is why you will usually see more of them installed in larger rooms. They come in so many different styles which make it easier to find on that will fit the look of your home. They also work great when you want to light up a specific area like the dining room table or kitchen counter.
  • Floor and table lamps are another way to add lighting without having to install a fixture. They also come in so many different sizes, shapes, and designs you are sure to find something to match your home décor. They are also a great way to add something a little extra to a room without having to redecorate.
  • Chandeliers are a light fixture that gives off a vibe of luxury and will certainly add a statement piece to your room. They are usually fitted with more than one light bulb so they give off more light and can often be used as the only lighting source. They are definitely more elegant than standard light so the price can be a bit more expensive as well. This might not be great for those of you on a budget, but this all comes down to how much you are willing to spend and what kind of look you are going for.
  • Track lighting much like a chandelier has more than one light bulb but instead of being grouped together are strung onto a track. This gives a bohemian vibe and it a lot more casual feeling compared to a chandelier. This is also a great way to get more light into a space and they look great in a less formal setting.
  • Ceiling fans are usually bought and used because they are practical and not because of the way they look. They are great at cooling you down as well as providing you with lighting. They are great in the bedroom especially in the summer when you need to cool down during the night. They are also great on the patio when you want to sit outside in the summer but need a little air.
  • Cabinet lighting is pretty much as the name states, they are fixtures that are used to be mounted either underneath the cabinet or inside the cabinet to give you light when you need it. You can usually see this kind of lighting in the kitchen intended for use when cooking so you can see what you are doing a little better. You can also see them used in cabinets as accent lighting.
  • Wall sconces are a wall mounted light fixture that is quite dim and doesn’t provide much illumination. These are not so great if you need a lot of lighting, however, they look fantastic and they can give a room a nice ambiance and provide a little bit of décor.
  • Recessed lighting is a great solution for when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. They are fixtures that are placed directly on the ceiling and are often used in big spaces as accent lighting. They can also be placed on the ground or into the walls to give you light wherever you may need it.