Info on Everyday Carry Flashlights: Practical Devices that Keep You Safe in the Dark

If you often find yourself outdoors after dark, certain devices can help improve your safety! One of these is the EDC (Everyday Carry) flashlight. If you already have a smartphone with a built-in flashlight, you might be wondering why you need to carry a separate one. Similar to this, many photographers still purchase professional cameras, and people still go out to lunch with their friends even when they have FaceTime available.

Smartphones have a lot of helpful features, yet they often fall short when it comes to doing certain tasks. Here is some information on EDC flashlights that will help you decide whether you should carry one with you or not.

What is the Best EDC Flashlight?

EDC flashlights Aurora A2 and A5 r

There are many different EDC flashlights on the market, but not all of them will grant you the same quality and performance. During my night-time outdoor adventures, I found that the Rovyvon A5X keychain light is the most convenient companion.

This powerful yet compact flashlight has a maximum output of 650 lumens and over a 100m beam distance. It’s sturdy, durable, and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it along the way. On the other hand, accidentally dropping your smartphone can result in serious damage.

Rovyvon Aurora flashlights are the next best thing on the market. They’re durable, practical, and quite fashionable as well. Despite their minuscule size, they have a surprisingly high light output! Additional features such as the pocket clip and “glow in the dark” offer convenience and improve your safety during the night.

What I like most about Rovyvon flashlights are their innovative and high-quality designs. This brand always has something new to bring to the table. Some of their newest designs include limited edition colour patterns. This makes them not only useful things to keep in your purse but also fashionable accessories that complement your outfit.

What are the Benefits of Having an EDC Flashlight?

Better Light Output

EDC flashlights outperform ordinary phone flashlights in many ways. A phone flashlight’s standard flood beam is only effective at lighting up a small area close by. On the other hand, EDC keychain flashlights that fit in your pocket have beams that, in a single, portable device, can illuminate a space from a few metres away to hundreds of metres away.

Today’s modern smartphones can adjust the brightness of the light they emit, but the majority only emit a maximum of around 50 lumens. EDC flashlights are available in a variety of brightness outputs. For instance, the Rovyvon A5X flashlight has many brightness settings that range from 3 lumens to 650 lumens in white, yellow, red, and blue light. EDC flashlights have far longer beam throws and better light dispersion than phone flashlights.

Resistant and Durable

EDC flashlights are a perfect fit for dusty or rainy conditions where using your phone’s flashlight will result in significant damage. I often use my Rovyvon flashlight while hiking at night. I simply clip it to my shirt’s pocket and it illuminates the road in front of me so that I can keep walking safely. Even after a few drops, it’s still in excellent condition.

While dirt and water cause damage to your phone, an EDC flashlight that’s well-made will keep working as intended. EDC flashlights are typically made to endure drops, extremely high or low temperatures, and even water when submerged for up to two meters. In difficult situations, use an EDC flashlight, and store your phone safely.

Spare Your Phone’s Battery

rovuvon aurora a5x

Numerous flashlights include exterior battery level indicators that let you know when your battery is running low as well as long-lasting batteries. The rechargeable Rovyvon Aurora flashlights offer up to 10 hours of runtime, so you can be sure that you’ll always have a light.

You won’t need to be concerned about your phone’s battery if you use an Everyday Carry flashlight instead of the flashlight on your phone. Instead of having to choose between battery life and light output, an EDC flashlight will illuminate your desired area while saving the battery life of your phone for calls, messages, GPS navigation, and other uses.

Instant Illumination

When using your smartphone, it’s not that simple to instantly activate the flashlight. Some still hide this feature behind a lock screen. Fumbling with a password will be quite unhelpful when you’re in a situation where you need light instantly. Similarly, using touch displays when your hands are unclean, damp, or you have gloves on is practically impossible. On the other hand, you can instantly activate your EDC flashlight to provide immediate illumination when you need it.


When you’re using your phone as a flashlight, it’s difficult to use it for anything else. It could even be impossible, depending on what you’re aiming to do. When you’re carrying around an EDC flashlight, you’re free to use your smartphone for other critical tasks like making calls or conducting online searches instead.

Some EDC flashlights have magnetic bases so you can fasten them to something nearby and illuminate a space with no need for your hands. An EDC flashlight is easier to hold or carry around than a bigger, wider smartphone. Rovyvon flashlights come in handy in power outages or whenever you need hands-free illumination in the dark.