Info on Home Bike Storage

It’s one thing being excited about getting a bike, it’s another when you’re left with the thought of how and where to store it. The last thing you want is to have your prized possession stolen, so outdoor storage isn’t that much of an option unless you’re certain on the security, but then there’s the harsh weather to think of as well.

When it comes to the inside, it’s not exactly that ideal either, especially if you live in a smaller home without a garage. Thankfully, there is a wide range of racks and stands for bikes to choose from in specialised bike stores to make the most of indoor bike storage without damaging the bike or your home.

Basically, it comes down to choosing floor or vertical space racks and stands. This is a decision you’d have to make considering other factors additionally such as the size of your home, the number of bikes you intend to store, their weight, wheel size and whether or not you own the home or rent it.

The Floor Options

As long as you have enough floor space to separate especially for your bikes, you could go for something as basic as the kickstand or the good old design of floor racks. Though simple, these racks are ideal for the indoor as much as for outdoor storage (if you change your mind).

Now, depending on the bikes you need the racks for, there are models that can serve for parking one or up to six bikes. Then again, there are also those with handy features like racks with helmet hangers, so you should give features a thought too.

The freestanding storage system that covers up the floor to wall space, comprises of stands for bikes that can be folded up and moved whenever needed so it’s ideal for those who require the easy temporary setup without the fear of leaving marks on the wall.

Though not as space-savvy as the stands, the freestanding racks also known as bike trees are another solution that’s not permanent and is great for rental homes. They provide level bike storage and can fit up to four bikes.

The Vertical Space Options

When you have a compact home, any additional item can make it look cluttered, particularly a bike which is where the use of vertical space comes in handy. If you don’t mind drilling the walls, then wall mounting makes an ideal choice.

You’re in for a surprise with the different types of wall mounting solutions there are, from hooks and hinges to horizontal wall mounts in sleek designs so it’s safe to say your bike would turn into your wall art.

Ceiling mounts are similar just that they are installed on, well, the ceiling, and the trouble here is some ceilings are too high so it wouldn’t make for great everyday storage option as you’d need a ladder every time you have to get your bike and return it in which case you might consider the lifting system of the hoist storage.