The Info on Poppers You Won’t Find Popping Up Elsewhere

In the past couple of years, more and more people are becoming interested in trying recreational drugs. Recreational drugs like weed, poppers, MDMA are becoming increasingly, more openly talked about. These drugs stimulate the body and mind, and are great for partying, especially poppers. Poppers were a popular sex drug for the gay community back in the eighties, but never saw much use beyond that due to prohibition.

Poppers is a slang for alkyl nitrites, a substance that is inhaled through the nose and gives the user a short-lived high. They’re primarily used for sex and partying nowadays, however, in the past they were used to treat heart diseases like angina pectoris. You can find many different brands of poppers, like rush or jungle juice for sale online.


The reason you should be looking to buy poppers online, in Australia, is because they’re illegal. Most of the quality brands are made overseas and shipped to Australia as room odourizers or leather cleaners. You might be able to find jungle juice for sale at some local sex shops, but you’ll probably have to ask for a bottle specifically, as they might not be on the shelves.

As aforementioned, the effects are short-lived but intense. They give the user a warm, fuzzy feel for a few minutes and then it’s back to normal. Poppers can increase the effects of other drugs and alcohol, so while mixing them can be fun, it can also be dangerous.

They’re especially popular for consumption just before orgasms, as they prolong and intensify them. They can help men get stronger erections because of the effect they have on the blood flow, and they help women relax their muscles in the vagina and anal sphincter.

But after every high, comes a low. Constant overuse can have a negative impact on a person’s health. Using them in moderation is key to avoiding serious health problems. Keep them away from the skin as they can cause burns as well. Other than that, they’re pretty safe to use as long as all the safety precautions are taken into consideration.

Bottom line is, while there’s a big fuss about the war on drugs, anti drug agencies aren’t fussed about poppers too much. Poppers are fun and harmless recreational drugs if used with caution and in moderation. People are using them to intensify their sex and clubbing experiences, and more and more straight people are just figuring out what they’ve been missing on in the past few decades.