Info on Vintage Clothes for Kids

Same as with adult clothing, kids clothing is subjected to a great deal of change as there’s always something new that’s trendy in the world of fashion. While it’s been so for decades, it wasn’t until the 1920s that things began to shift in this direction, after centuries of kids being dressed as adults. The popularity of kids’ fashion started growing exponentially ever since then, and the success came from the fact the clothing was now made to actually fit children.



In addition, the fabrics also got to be the focus of the designs, as people were dedicated to creating the outfits for little ones that were comfortable to wear and easy to care for. Moreover, unlike the previous layering with several garments, the outfits became rather minimal as well at the beginning of the 20th century. Having these aspects in mind it shouldn’t come as surprise vintage girl clothes and boy outfits are again very much back on the fashion scene. Especially now that more reputable brands are making their presence known on the market. This is so even despite the other styles available in the industry.

Items for Girls

Since the 20s of the previous century, pants started making their way into little girls’ outfits, though it was only in the decades of the 60s and 70s when the symbolism of pants being considered as something typical for boys’ fashion disappeared. Nowadays pants and shorts are both essential parts in a girl’s wardrobe. And if you feel inclined towards the vintage appeal for your daughter you’re sure to find vintage inspired girl clothing outfits with pants fit for every season.

For the top, depending on the season, you can pair the pants with chunky knit weave sweaters, jumpers, cardigans and of course the long sleeve rompers for the chilly days of spring, autumn and winter. I don’t have to point out why the rompers ought to be part of the wardrobe, given that they’re the typical vintage clothing items.

As for summer, you’ve got the chance to make your pick from vintage girl clothes in the example of shorts, skirts and dresses that go great in a combination with tees, sleeveless necktie blouses and short sleeved rompers. In case you’re looking for an alternative between pants, skirts and dresses for the warm days, overalls are a fashionable option. And lastly, suitable for use year-round especially for protection from the elements, you can’t miss out the pieces that help complement the retro girls clothes stylishness – you guessed it, I’m talking about full length stockings!

Same as in the past, vintage inspired children’s apparel is durable and comfortable, that is as long as it’s made of high quality materials, like organic cotton and wool, easy to maintain, wash and dry without any danger of wear and tear.

Items for Boys

The beginning of the 20th century marked the changes in the little boys’ attire too considering the fact that they too were wearing dresses throughout their infancy as well. From the 1920s onwards, boys were no longer wearing dresses and skirts, instead they donned romper suits and short pants, which were paired with knickers until the transition to manhood with long pants. In fact, the choice of shorts for little boys is a tradition in the royal family until today, so if you’d like your boy to look aristocratic in the old sense of the word, shorts are a must for his outfits! Your son can wear them with various tees with retro designs, tanks, long sleeve shirts and even dress shirts. A good suggestion to finish up the old-fashioned look is to pair ankle socks with sandals.



In addition, wool pullovers and cardigans have always been part of the retro boys’ outfits, so they’re essential pieces for the cold times of the year. The overalls are a great alternative to pants as they give you the flexibility to use them with sleeveless shirts and shirts with cardigans, for example.

Aspects to Look Into When Buying Children’s Clothes

Given that kids’ skin is so sensitive as it’s much more permeable than that of us adults, the choice of quality material is of huge importance. As I already mentioned previously, you’re in luck with vintage inspired items made of organic cotton and wool since they don’t have the chemicals manmade fabrics do. On the plus side too, they’re also comfortable!

Next up, functionality. Sometimes kids can give us a hard time when it comes to dressing them up, and changing clothes, which is why you require designs that are easy to button up. Pockets are also recommended so they can store some of their most essential toys or candy.

Lastly, regardless whether you’re buying online or not, it’s necessary to make sure you know the exact size for each and every item, and find out how you can return them in case they’re not the right fit.