All Information on Warehouse Storage Solutions

Increasing the storage space in your warehouse and ensuring more efficient usage of the space available are the two most important factors for achieving better organization within your warehouse. Improving the overall organization starts with selecting the right warehouse storage solutions that will match the specific needs of your business.

If this is your first time being faced with such an investment, do not panic – we have gathered all the useful information you need to choose the right pallet racking warehouse storage solutions. So, let’s start from the beginning.

common types of pallet racking

Why Choose Pallet Racking

By organizing and storing your goods in a pallet racking system, you can maximize the space utilization in your warehouse and increase the efficiency in it. The great thing about pallet racking is that it enables you to have everything well organized and within reach whenever you need it. Optimizing the space utilization is one of the most important factors and it greatly contributes to:

  • Increasing the productivity at the work site in general;
  • Reducing travel time;
  • Reducing operational costs;
  • Reducing labor costs;
  • Ensuring a fast and open access to the stored goods;
  • Minimizing the degree of product damage.

Additional situations that can help you decide that a pallet racking storage system would be a good choice for your warehouse include:

  • You pick the products by case or by item;
  • You do not store the products in bags, cases or wrapped loads;
  • The products that you need to store cannot be stacked on the floor;
  • You deal with seasonal products that don’t need to be stored and classified.

Pallet Racking Types

The following are the three most commonly used pallet racking storage solutions. Here’s the basic information about them that you should know.

Selective Pallet Rack

  • You can use this type of pallet racking systems for a wide range of applications, ranging from general, industrial and retail warehousing;
  • This type of storage rack can be easily and quickly reconfigured for inventory changes;
  • In case your storage needs increase over time, you can easily expand the storage space by simply adding more pallet positions.

Double-Deep Pallet Rack

  • Requires smaller number of aisles;
  • Can increase the effective usage of the floor space in the warehouse for up to 60%.

Push-back rack Storage

  • Suitable for storing large volumes of products;
  • Enables efficient selectivity and accessibility to many different product categories;
  • Provides high-density storage in smaller warehouse spaces.