Inline Skating and Your Kids’ Fun Knows No End

Life with kids can be overwhelming sometimes, but nobody said parenthood was easy. Yet, it’s all worth it when you see the smile on their face, looking at you with those glittering eyes – they can melt even the coldest of hearts. What I always have amusement watching, when it comes to mine, is the ability they have to convince you to buy them just what they want. Such was the case also with inline skates. After catching a glimpse of some people in the park one day, as they were skating, you can imagine the excitement they got thinking they could try out something like that.


Of course, what they instantly got was a determined look indicating a big “NO”. As much as I don’t like seeing them disappointed, I felt it was a good life lesson, teaching them they won’t always get what they want and that’s okay. I showed them all the other ways they could have fun outside, the games they could play but even days after they were still caught on the “magical shoes with wheels”. Much to my disappointment they preferred staying home in the company of TV and computer games.

I spent some time just thinking about whether I should buy them, worrying as all parents do, letting fear they’d get hurt rob me and them of tons of fun. Doing some research on the internet made me realise they’re not that dangerous after all, and reading many reviews of parents who were happy their kids were having so much fun outside talked me into considering this purchase, so the next thing I did was search through the types of inline skates for kids.


You’d be surprised of the many models you’d come across once you start looking, it’s not an easy purchase, I can tell you that. It’s as complicated as looking for skates for yourself, or perhaps a little bit more as they’re meant for your kids. You have to consider the kinds of inline skates for kids there are, differentiate between recreational, fitness, aggressive and hockey. If your kids are beginners like mine were, then it’s best to go with the recreational ones, perfect for learning how to skate and even ideal for the more advanced skating phase. Since kids grow up fast, their feet size can change in the blink of an eye. It can be very costly to keep on buying new skates every time your kid outgrows the ones he/she has so it’s best to look for adjustable skates. Some of them can be adjusted even up to four sizes!

What looked like a fun kids activity turned into a healthy family hobby, bonding outside in fresh air. From time to time we also pay some rinks a visit so that kids could see what partying decades ago was like. The ability to improve kids’ balance skills, hand-to-eye coordination and strength are reasons enough to convince every parent to take inline skating seriously and give it thumbs up as a perfect healthy activity for their kids.