International Pet Transport: How to Make the Journey Go as Smooth as Possible

For some people, one of the most stressful parts of planning an international trip is deciding what to do with their pets. The complexity of travelling with their little buds, or even worse, leaving them behind, for some people is too much to handle, which is where international pet transport services come in extremely helpful. To make your travelling experience more pleasant, all you have to do is find a reliable company that has good ratings and customer reviews and offers all the services you need.

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Every country has a different set of regulations regarding the import and export of pets and there are also different quarantine and airline protocols that need to be carefully adhered to before departure and upon arrival at an international port. A reliable international pet transport Melbourne based company will use their experience and expertise in the field to provide you with a travel plan that suits yours and the needs of your pet so that both of you can arrive at your destination happy and safe.

The Money Talk

Don’t expect travelling internationally with your pet to be cheap. In fact, it flying with your four-legged friend may end up costing you more than buying an economy-class ticket. Generally, the cost of moving pet overseas is determined by their weight. This means that a small pet will be cheaper to transport than a bigger one. There are also the costs of vet fees, export certificates and handling fees, which are fixed, regardless of the size of the pet. Another consideration is whether your pet will have to enter quarantine at the destination. Quarantine stays can cost up to $30 a day and the time spent in quarantine can be anything from a few days to a couple of months, which can potentially increase the bill.

Hiring the Pros

While some airlines will allow you to make arrangements for your pet’s travel directly, many won’t. So, do yourself a favor and make things simpler by hiring the services of a reliable international pet transport Melbourne based company which will organize everything for you. Iťs so much more convenient and practical when you have someone to do that final paperwork check for you, offer advice, and generally, just makes sure that everything runs smoothly during the entire trip.

Crate Training

The more familiar your pet becomes with its crate, the less stressful the traveling will be. So, make sure to train your buddy as soon as you decide to travel. Some pet transport companies will supply you with the crate as part of their services, but if this is not possible, select a crate big enough for your pet. You can use tasty treats or toys tied to the inside of the crate to get your pet to go inside voluntarily. Once your pet is comfortable inside the crate, you can close the door, just for a few minutes at first, and then increase the time little by little. Ideally, your pet should be sleeping overnight in the crate with the doors shut by the time you need to fly.