Intro Into LED Camping Lights: How to Choose the Best Light for Your Campsite

If you enjoy camping as much as I do, you know that having the right gear improves your safety and comfort. A good quality camping light will help you easily navigate through the dark and keep you safer. Nowadays, camping equipment is getting more and more creative, practical, adaptable, and even entertaining, and this is especially true with lights.

How Do I Pick the Right Camping Lights?

To make the right choice, you need to consider the type of camping trip you’ll be taking. Are you camping with a car or an RV? How big will your campsite be? Do you need to hike some distance to reach the campsite? Do you want to illuminate a bigger area or simply want to see what’s directly in front of you? What kind of weather are you expecting?

Although there are many different products on the market, modern LED lights are undoubtedly the best option when it comes to outdoor illumination. Since LEDs use less electricity and provide more light than other products, they’re much more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. They’re also more dependable for hiking since they outlast most other lights.

LED Camping Light Bar for Optimal Illumination


If you often go on big trips with your friends and family, you’ll need a strong and dependable lighting solution. Although there are countless options available, waterproof LED camping light bars are the favourites of many dedicated campers. They’re available in different sizes and lumen outputs from 295 to over 1300 lumens, which makes them perfect for a campsite of any size.

Whether you decide on a tri-colour LED camp light bar or one in white, you’ll have high-quality illumination for many camping trips in the future. The best thing about the 100 cm LED bars is that they come with detachable diffusers. These generate a wider and smoother beam that doesn’t shine in your eyes and still illuminates large areas. People use these LED camping light bars under wide canopies, as well as to illuminate sheds, home workshops, tailgates, etc.

This alternative is fantastic if you’re camping with your caravan or 4×4. The tri-colour kits, on the other hand, provide excellent adaptability and brightness. Each of the bars has both white and orange LEDs, as well as tri-colour dimmer controls. This implies that you can get orange, warm white, and cold white lighting from white and orange LEDs. As an added advantage, orange light is said to be effective in keeping nasty bugs at bay!

LED Lanterns – Great for Smaller Campsites


Lanterns are fantastic light sources for smaller campgrounds with only one or two tents. They’re not powerful enough to fully illuminate a bigger campground, but if you don’t want to use your bright LED camping light bars then a lantern is an excellent alternative. It will give you enough illumination without disturbing the other campers.

There are many different types of lanterns that come in a variety of sizes, weights, and light intensities. Out of all the options, rechargeable lanterns are the most affordable and sustainable choice. They’re also simple to use and have a longer lifespan.

LED Strips for Creating Ambiance


Much like camping LED light bars, LED strips offer excellent illumination and work well for different types of camping. They’re functional and aesthetically pleasing, whether you choose the white or the tri-colour version. For campers who want to set the mood, LED strips get the job done.

They either come with Velcro connection straps or with glue, which allows for a simple installation. This way, you can position them wherever you prefer, both indoors and outside. Just like LED bars, they’re waterproof, which makes them fantastic for rainy days. The DC connections and double insulation on their wires prevent voltage drop. Lastly, just like LED lanterns and bars, these strips use less energy and generate less heat, which makes them eco-friendly.

What to Consider when Buying LED Camping Lights


Whether you install it inside or outside your tent, your camping light should provide the necessary illumination for you to navigate the campsite at night. If you’ve never purchased one before, checking all of its characteristics, particularly lumens, is one approach to evaluate the brightness of the fixture. Opt for LED lights that have a larger lumen rating! A LED with somewhere around 250 to 600 lumens is usually ideal for any campsite. Always choose lights with the highest possible lumen count since more lumens mean greater brightness!


Battery life is the second most critical factor to consider when purchasing a LED lantern, strip, or bar kit. The majority of camping fixtures are powered by batteries. You only need to be aware of the battery’s lifespan. Check its capacity before you buy, as well as how long you need to charge the battery before it’s full.


Lastly, modern camping lights come in various colours, from cool white to orange. If you’re not sure which one to choose, I suggest getting a tri-colour LED kit that lets you switch from cool to warm light and every hue in between. As I mentioned, orange light is especially effective in warding off pesky bugs, so the sound of mosquitoes will be a thing of the past. These LEDs also produce a wonderful fire-like glow which sets up a soothing atmosphere for you and your companions.