Japanese Lanterns Add a Touch of Subtle Elegance to Any Exterior

Japanese lanterns have been around for a very long time and were created to light pathways in gardens. Beyond their functionallity, they are also known for their beauty which creates an inviting and visually pleasing environment. The very first lanterns came around in the 6th century from China to Japan and they were made of stone and used to worship Buddha. They have come a long way since then but you can still see the same designs being used in gardens today. If you are someone who is looking for Japanese lanterns for sale but is not sure about the history or the different designs then keep on reading. Below we will go over four main designs that are around to this day and where they are best placed.


1. Tachi-Gata

Some other names that this style goes by is Tachi-Doro or pedestal and you can easily spot it among other lanterns. It usually has a large or pedestal-like base design which sets it apart from the rest. The design is meant to resemble lanterns that you can find in temples and date back to the 8th century, when they were mostly used to light up shrines and temples. The traditional type usually has a lotus flower on the top which resembles wealth and career progress in Japan.

2. Yukimi-Gata

These are really one of a kind and can give any garden a sense of sophistication and beauty. They are especially breathtaking in winter when they are covered in snow. This is why they got the nickname snow viewing lanterns – there is just something magical about them in winter. In ancient Japanese culture, these lamps symbolize the cycle of life, the mother figure, or in some cases – early marriage. The meaning may vary from region from region, but either way, they look great in a garden.

3. Ikekomi-Gata

Ikekomi-Gata lanterns are also sometimes referred to as Ikekomi-Doro lanterns or remembering lanterns and the design came about from ancient tea masters. They were created to be put in gardens where people would enjoy tea ceremonies which are still popular to this day. They come in a few varieties including round and square and are one of the oldest designs. They sometimes have a virgin Mary attached to the front as they also represent Christianity in some places.

4. Oki-Gata

The fourth and final lantern is the Oki-Gata lantern and it is made from materials such as stone or granite which are great for every environment. They are quite small and go really well along garden paths. They light up just enough and add an air of mystery to your garden. They are said to symbolize the beauty in the imperfection of the world and make a great statement in any garden.

There is something magical about the rich history that goes into these Japanese lanterns. Each has its own meaning and this is something that is lacking in the western world. Not only are they rich in history but they are also beautiful. If you are someone who is looking for Japanese lanterns for sale, you can easily do a quick search online to find the perfect lantern for your garden.