Jump on the Green Bandwagon with a Catalytic Converter

I don’t care what Trump says, global warming is real and it has huge consequences on everything on the planet! It threatens our health, security and other basic human needs. Many of the impacts, such as rising seas, severe floods and droughts, high temperatures, etc., can be clearly spotted even by the general population.

Everybody needs to start fighting global warming, and the easiest way to do it is to start locally. Even the vehicles we own are a major cause, collectively accounting for a huge portion of all the polluted gas emissions. For every gallon of gas, 24 pounds of carbon dioxide along with other global warming gases are emitted. Around 5 pounds come from extraction, delivery of the fuel and production, while the rest comes right from the cars’ tailpipe.


In order to minimise the effect, the states and cities of Australia have enforced laws in order to reduce these emissions to an absolute minimum. Manufacturers followed this by incorporating catalytic converters in the exhaust systems, something which has been around for a couple of decades, or to be precise – from 1975 – when the French mechanical engineer Eugene invented the first converter.

If you’re questioning the levels of pollution your car produces, the catalytic converter is the first thing you need to check, and if necessary, look for a new catalytic converter for sale that will serve the purpose, but won’t cost you a fortune. There is a new type of catalytic converter for sale on the market nowadays, which is used by people who want to get a higher air flow to their engine, in order to get the most performance out of it.


Regardless, modern car engines control the amount of fuel they burn very carefully. They try to keep the air-to-fuel ratios close to the stoichiometric point (ideal air-to-fuel ratio). At this ratio all of the fuel is burned using the oxygen in the air.

Companies like Volkswagen recently got caught cheating on emission tests and they lost billions. We, as humans, need to be advocating towards a healthier and safer environment for the generations to come, and global warming is getting worse and worse every year. So if you’re a vehicle owner, make sure you take all the necessary precautions of your vehicle’s emission. Fuel-efficient vehicles, cleaner fuels as well as electric cars and trucks are the future. If everyone on the planet starts caring and making small changes in their way of life and way of thinking, we could be looking at a brighter future ahead!