Kids Scooters: A Great Way to Encourage Children to Get Some Exercise Outside

Children love to spend their free time playing outdoor breathing in fresh air. All those different games and activities they enjoy are much more than just mere fun – they also help them develop many other skills. The variety of toys to play with outside is pretty versatile, and some of the most adored ones among children are definitely kids scooters.

You have never thought of scooters as a toy which can enhance their development, have you? Exactly. But there is so much more that you did not know – in this article I will help you find out more about these incredible pieces of kids play equipment. The easiest way to categorise the different styles of ride scooters is by their wheels number. Take a look at the types.

Kids Riding Scooters

  • Two wheel scooters – This scooter design is the most common one you can find and it comes in a wide array of colours and models. It features one wheel in the front and another on the back; its design is very similar to the one of bicycles. Two wheel kids scooters are usually recommended for older kids as riding them requires coordination and balance.
  • Micro scooters – These come with three wheels but the difference from the typical three wheel model is the placement of their wheels. In micro scooters, two wheels are in the front rather than the back. This type of scooter is appropriate even for small kids from the age of 18 months.
  • Three wheelThe design of these scooters features one wheel in the front part while the other two are in the back. You can find this model available with a seat that can be easily adjusted according to the length of your kid’s legs.
  • Four wheel – These ride scooters are the last addition in the world of kids scooters. They offer a high level of stability for small kids and a good platform for older kids to perform freestyle stunts.

Scooters are very popular nowadays and riding them is a very enjoyable physical activity for children. But to make the whole experience even more interesting, some manufacturers implement some additional features to them; the most interesting ones are a bell that can be added to the T-bar, a water bottle holder, a small rucksack, etc. Adding a scooter to your child’s physical routine offers a variety of developmental benefits. Just to name a few:

  • Riding a scooter help muscle development through the repetition of exerting power and force while riding;
  • Development of better coordination and balance through the reliability of single-leg propelling;
  • Exploration of personal capabilities;
  • Improved motor skills through the use of large and small groups of body muscles.
  • Enhanced endurance as a result of constant physical activity.

Bottom line is, kids scooters are a fun recreational outdoor activity, plus they are a rather useful and safe mean of transportation. They are an inexpensive investment which can have a huge impact on your kid’s development. Think about it.