Which Kind of Hose is Perfect for Which Task?

lay flat hoses3There are many different types of hoses that can come in a variety of sizes, made from all sorts of materials, and with applications in fields that you never could have imagined. While there are too many to go through one by one, we can cover three that are vital for the fields they are used in, namely the bore hose, the hydraulic hose and the thermoduct hose.

In the field of agriculture, the proper watering of the plants is without a doubt the most important part of the job. While this can be done in a number of different ways, one of the most important sources of water (the underground or the bore water) can be retrieved relatively easily thanks to the bore hose. The bore hose is made out of a material called flexibore which is produced by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile fabric of high tenacity polyester. The primary use of the bore hose is for the installation of submersible pumps, to which it is attached by using couplings. While the special characteristic of this type of hose makes it perfect for this task, it can also be used in a variety of other fields to great effects. Some of these other applications include mine site de-watering, test pumping and even municipal water supply.

Hydraulic hoses are very widely applied and can actually be found virtually anywhere if you just look. Their most common applications are in things such as the car suspension, heavy machinery, tools commonly found in a mechanic’s garage and others functions that pertain to the automotive industry in one way or another. Their function is to move liquids, which in most cases means oil that was compressed by a hydraulic pump, in order to add force to a desired object. They come in different lengths, and with differences in terms of the amount of pressure each type can withstand without getting damaged. These differences in the hoses of course mean that there are some more suited to certain tasks over others.

And as the final hose, we have the thermoduct variety, which is a ducking hose reinforced with a helical wire. It can be used for air transfer, making it a perfect fit for venting systems, dust collection, fume control, and exhausting gases. Additionally, this hose also has great chemical and moisture resistance characteristics which make it perfect for use in industries where these can be used to the greatest advantage.