Lawn Mowers: Electric Makes Everything Better

Taking proper care of your lawn seems like a chore for some people, but little do they know that lawn care is not just a vanity project – it’s of great importance for the entire environment. People benefit from healthy trees, shrubs and grasses, and believe it or not, you are making a big difference for yourself and the ones you love by taking proper care of your lawn.

When you keep your lawn in good shape, you encourage your entire family to spend more quality time outdoors and enjoy each other’s company. Being outside has many health benefits for everyone. Moreover, an eye appealing lawn increases the property value of your home. The best thing is that all you need to properly maintain it, is a lawn mower and garden clippers.

The clippers are a hand tool which is quite easy to find, so we’ll skip them entirely in this article. Instead, we’ll focus on the lawn mowers, the electric lawn mower, specifically, and the advantages it offers over other types of electric mowers.

Electric Lawn Mwer

First of all, electric lawn mowers are virtually silent. Sure, you can expect some noise, but since the engine isn’t oil or gas powered, you won’t have the same decibel of sound as other mowers produce. The noise from traditional lawn mowers can seriously damage your ears, but with electric lawn mowers you won’t have to worry about it. I’m sure you’re neighbors will appreciate this as well.

As aforementioned, there’s no gas or oil involved, so you don’t need to bother getting fuel for your motor. Plus, this eliminates the chance of accidental spills. Some researches show that there are more than a few million gallons of gas being spilled from lawn mowing equipment, so having an electric mower eliminates this hazard.

Perhaps the most important benefit of electric lawn mowers is that you’re protecting the environment when opting for them. We’ve seen gas and oil prices rising over the years and hitting record highs. These lawn mowers are environmentally friendly, as you aren’t wasting any natural resources when using them. Think about how much we can reduce the dependence on foreign oil and gas if we all use electric mowers.

Oh, and did I mention you save a lot of money? Yeah, instead of paying up to $5 for a gallon of oil or gas, you’ll pay about as much to charge your mower for the entire year. Moreover, the maintenance and upkeep costs are significantly lower as well. You can eliminate the costs of oil, oil filters, tune-ups and other maintenance necessities required for traditional oil or gas powered motors.