Leatherman’s Most Popular Multitool Products – Piranha Vs. Hail

In the world of multitools and everyday carry gear, there are many similarities between all sorts of equipment but if you look closer – the differences become more apparent. Although being a very attribute-oriented manufacturer, Leatherman also has the same scheme with many of its products. A great portion of Leatherman multitools is built using the same materials with a slight twist when it comes to the coating, which is the case with both the Piranha and the Hail. Although the set of tools in both cases is somewhat similar, their features don’t seem to follow the same pattern and that’s maybe because they are meant to be used in different situations. This is why we’ve compared the features of the Piranha and Hail so that you can get a clearer picture of what they offer.



The greatest from their range – the Leatherman Piranha is an awesome tool that can help you out in a wide array of situations. Once you get it it will definitely become your new best friend. This multi-tool has 5 tools in one – a box wrench, a scraper, a bottle opener, an open wrench (English), and a 1/4″ hex bit driver. However, it measures just 1/8″ thick, which means that you’ll barely notice it in your pocket. It is quite lightweight and that makes it ideal for every day carry. The included bit snaps securely into the rubber bit holder so you don’t have to worry about losing it. It has a heat-treated stainless steel construction, which means it will let you take a bite out of any job for years to come. The Leatherman Piranha also features a rubber bit holder, a #2 Phillips driver and a 3/16 ” screwdriver.



For those of you who visit the slopes frequently and like to take things to new extremes, having the Leatherman Hail with you is a good safety backup. Designed to help you out crank on a binding, open a beer, tune your board or stash your earbuds, the Leatherman Hail snowboard tool is an awesome ally for all your snow adventures. Packed with quick-fix features and cool extras, it is a very lightweight tool that clips onto your belt, pack or jacket. It is travel-friendly and very durable. It is also a 5-in-1 tool made out of stainless steel and it is TSA-compliant. Although it has some of the same types of tools as the Piranha, there are some obvious differences in their design and overall features.