How LED Strip Lights Help Shed New Light on Home Illumination

For years we have been reading, eating and relaxing under the yellowish hue of traditional incandescent lights. And the only contact we had with something more colourful regarding light, were Christmas lights. But, yellowish lighting is now a thing of the past. Or at least that’s what I want it to be. With the invention of LED technology, lighting has come a long way and today we have a wide choice of options that suit different occasions and styles.

The latest trend in LED lighting are LED light strips. The best thing about them is that they are incredibly thin and flexible, as well as easy to install on places where other types of lighting don’t fit. And just like all LED products, they are very durable and can last up to 50 000 hours.

The proliferation of affordable, luminous and multicoloured LED light strips has given us a new perspective and entirely changed the way we play with home décor. Whatever it is they adorn, it’s sure to look cool and futuristic. And when set up right, LED light strips can also make your home look more beautiful and sophisticated. Lighting up several areas with these lights is a nice way to make them stand out and create a more unique ambiance. Here are some examples.


Enlighten that Kitchen

LED strips are just the right size and shape to serve as under-cabinet lighting as they are subtle and give a unique flare to the entire setup. If you have a unique backsplash design, it will be further accentuated with these lights shining on it. Besides being stylish and able to fit in the small space under the cabinets, what makes LED light strips the best option for kitchens is the fact that they can withstand high levels of moisture.

Create an Interesting Living Room

LED strips are becoming more and more popular as living room décor elements. For that reason, a lot of furniture designs use them as accent features. But for the sake of creative freedom, it’s best that you add them separately. Cabinets, console tables and wall mounted ornaments will be more noticeable and will stand out in the dark with a LED strip around them.

A good trick is putting these strips around your TV – this way your eyes won’t hurt so bad when you watch your favourite show in the dark. Plus, it will make your living room look much cooler. If you feel like engaging your creative side, consider adding wall silhouettes accented with LED strips. Just for inspiration, take a look how one father managed to surprise his kids with LED silhouettes ( The results are stunning!

With the help of LED accent strips you can transform your living room into a more intimate space and change the privacy levels as you please. One strip under the couch can be just the right dose to create a more romantic ambiance. Simply turn off your ceiling lights and let the soft glow of the strips create a comfortable ambience to relax in.