Lenze Electronics: Your Partner at Handling Extensive Tasks in Shorter Time Frames

Advanced design and quality should be the key features of any type of mechanical drive technology. Well designed and developed variable systems and solutions are essential for handing different tasks with efficiency. Well, when talking about superior quality and design, Lenze Electronics is certainly the company that provides all this and a lot more. The Lenze automation technologies are used worldwide and have a well established reputation.

Lenze Electronics is a German company with almost 70 years of experience on the market. It was founded in 1947 and since then it is dedicated to offering the most reliable and efficient products. From its very inception the team of Lenze was determined to develop the best mechanical drive technology solutions designed to handle extensive tasks and operations in shorter time frames. Throughout the years a wide range of products and solutions were researched and developed including variable speed drives, reduction gearboxes, industrial motors as well as complete automation systems.

Lenze Electronics

The popular Simplabelt gearboxes were first introduced in 1951 and 10 years later Lenze expanded with a new manufacturing plant. The 1970s saw the introduction of the first frequency inverters which were later equipped with advanced microprocessors. However, the intelligent drive systems brought the biggest success for Lenze and in 2004 the company introduced the revolutionary L-force product range.

Nowadays, Lenze Electronics is a leading brand with a renowned reputation. It offers high-quality services and provides reliable support to its customers during the whole machine development procedure. Also, the L-force has expanded over the years and now it is sorted in three basic production lines: base, state and high line.

The solutions developed by the professional team at Lenze, are used in a wide range of industries such as the logistic, robotic, packaging as well as the automotive industry. Furthermore, the Lenze team makes sure all systems offer optimal performance by testing each product in specific laboratory conditions. The following are just some of products that come out of the Lenze production line.

Smart Industrial Motors

The Lenze Smart Motor can be used for multiple applications and is great for replacing multiple motors while considerably reducing the number of drives. It is energy efficient and can be operated using a specially developed Lenze application or a smartphone.

Variable Speed Drives

Lenze provides high-quality variable speed drives that have an advanced design and offer many benefits. A very popular model is the DISCO Planetary Speed Variator which is a great product with adjustable features suitable for all kinds of speed control applications.

Lenze Gearboxes

Lenze provides high-quality gearboxes that are suitable for a number of different industrial applications. They have advanced design and features and come in two basic types: right angle gearboxes and axial gearboxes.

Lenze inverters

Lenze includes 13 different models of inverters in its product range. Each model is designed to provide the highest level of protection and can be adjusted for various environments. Moreover, these inverters for control cabinet installation are very efficient, yet quite easy to install and use.